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How to Handle Flooding in the Chicago Area

Heavy rain and flooding can be common in the Midwest, specifically in the areas surrounding Chicago, Arlington Heights, and Libertyville. In extreme cases, these areas have been declared in states of emergencies, leaving basements, homes, schools, and businesses flooded without any idea of how to clean the mess.

Read further for five tips to help with flooding in the Chicago area.

Prevent Flood Damage Before it Happens

While it’s easy to say after the flood hits that prevention is the best way to deal with heavy rain, taking preventative measures to keep the flooding at bay is the number one way to stay dry.

  1. Put measures in place to safeguard your home.

    Before heavy rain is forecasted, make sure your basement is sealed tight. Any cracks that show around doors or in the foundation should be sealed. A sump pump should be installed to take care of excess water, and always make sure it is in working order before the rain falls.

  2. Power down any basement appliances like furnaces, gas valves, and electricity so you can avoid any potential fires.

    Remember to only do this before the flooding occurs and only if it safe. Always use the manufacturer’s directions for powering down any appliances.

  3. Move any items like furniture, personal possessions, or appliances to higher ground.

    You may also consider sandbags around areas of your home if the water is predicted to be high.

  4. Safety is the most important part of flood prevention.

    You and your family are more important than any possessions. If you are instructed to vacate your home, do so quickly, but be safe. Have an evacuation plan and kit in place. Bring a flashlight, batteries, a first aid kit, bottled water, and any necessary medications.

  5. Write up your emergency plan before flooding occurs.

    As a family, talk about what your plan is in the event of a flood. Lay out all steps, along with contact information, and review the plan several times a year to ensure everyone is familiar with it.

While you can’t prevent flooding, you can prepare yourself for the outcome.

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