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What’s Causing Your Ceiling Damage? How to identify issues.

Let’s be honest – aside from your roof, your ceiling is the part of your home that keeps you safe and warm. Your ceiling keeps away harsh temperatures, prevents debris from the attic from getting in your living spaces, and keeps your wires, pipes, and insulation hidden and undercover.

Why then, don’t we look at our ceilings until they start to fail us? Let’s take a look at the types of ceiling damage that you may experience and learn how to prevent these issues from happening to you!

What does water damage look like on your ceiling?

  • Stains. Ceiling stains will start to present themselves as dark spots. There isn’t any rhyme or reason to the shapes and forms they present. You will notice a change in color on your ceiling, letting you know that something isn’t right. That is the time to investigate the ceiling damage.
  • Peeling Paint. Moisture, mold and mildew can be causes of paint peeling and flaking. If you notice your ceiling paint peeling with no apparent cause, a professional restoration company may be needed to determine the problem.
  • Cracks in your ceiling. A crack needs no explanation. You will start to notice fractured lines in your ceiling, in straight lines, or spider web patterns. Cracks can present major problems to your ceiling structure. It is highly important to act to prevent ceiling damage from getting any worse.
  • Bowed ceilings. Ceilings should be flat. There’s no reason for a ceiling to bow or dip. If you notice the ceiling isn’t as flat as it should be, chances are there is a bigger problem at large.

When should you call a professional about your ceiling damage?

Types of ceiling damage can be caused by different things. Identifying the issue of your ceiling damage will help a construction company determine the best course of action to repair and restore your ceilings.

  • Water leaks can be a major component to ceiling damage.  Leaks can cause bowed ceilings, sagging drywall, dark ceiling stains, etc. When you notice these issues, it could mean that water has settled on your ceiling drywall. There are many things that can cause water leaks. Simple problems like broken shingles or clogged gutters can be the culprit. More serious problems like broken pipes can cause water leaks in your home too. Once you’ve identified the problem, take action and try to dry out the area. This will help prevent more serious ceiling damage.
  • Sitting water and too much moisture is another cause of ceiling damage. Humidity is not a friend to the structural integrity of your ceiling. With too much humidity or condensation, water sits in the air and settles on your ceilings. This can lead to issues like mildew and mold which can cause major health problems within your home. Installing exhaust fans can help keep the humidity at bay and keep your ceilings intact.
  • Overall age of your home also plays a big part in the health of your ceilings. Just like people age over time, homes end up showing their age through damage to their walls, drywall, and ceilings. The older you home, the more likely it is that you will see issues with cracks to your plaster or paint.
  • Structural problems can cause ceiling damage as well. If your home isn’t settling properly, this can lead to cracks in your structure, which can translate to ceiling damage. Structural damage should not be taken lightly. Hiring a professional repair company is highly recommended when you suspect structural damage. Safety first!

Ceiling Damage Is Fixable!

Call McMahon Services and Construction at 847-566-4568 for your restoration and construction needsWhile the issues above may sound scary, but with proper inspections and regular maintenance, ceiling damage can be prevented! If you suspect that your ceiling may be compromised from water damage, the professionals at McMahon Services and Construction are available to inspect and repair any issues! Don’t let ceiling damage go untreated – Call McMahon Services at 847-566-4568.

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