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Our work family is made up of trustworthy and team-oriented individuals who have a genuine desire to service our community with integrity, respect, and dedication to quality service

Company Values

  • Empowerment: Own your monkey!
  • Integrity: Do the right thing!
  • Teamwork: Pass the ball!
  • Respect: A house is not a house!
  • Enthusiasm: Gung ho!
  • Work Dignity: Square peg, square hole!
  • Education: Never stop developing!

Certified/Trained employees by the IICRC

Quick response time to mitigate the situation

Proper materials & equipment to mitigate the situation

A detailed estimate that has been approved by the homeowner and insurance carrier,
Compliant coverage in Liability and Workers Compensation for the Homeowner and Insurance Carrier.
Excellent workmanship in all areas of mitigation & construction.
Complete satisfaction from the homeowner and insurance carrier.
Warranties on workmanship and materials.

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John McMahon

John McMahon is Mike’s eldest son. John handles large loss fires, smoke and water damage. John began working for the family business in 1988 where he developed his extensive hands-on knowledge of construction. His proficiency eventually enabled him to become an on-site supervisor with McMahon Services. He now uses his 20+ years of experience to assess damages, write estimates and manage claims. John is also certified by the IICRC for mold and restoration. John lives in the North Suburbs with his wife and three children.

Tom McMahon

Tom McMahon is Mike’s youngest son. Tom works with clients to thoroughly explain the claims process as well as insurance adjusters or agents to facilitate the claims process. Tom handles fire damage, smoke damage, water mitigation claims and mold jobs. Having worked for the family business since he was 16 years old, Tom has first-hand experience and extensive knowledge of the restoration process. Tom is also certified by the IICRC for mold and restoration. Tom lives in the West Suburbs with his wife and two children. Tom graduated from the University of Iowa with a B.A. in Business Administration.

Mike McMahon

Mike McMahon (President) handles fire damage, smoke damage and water mitigation claims. Mike uses his 35+ years of running the restoration, construction, cleaning, painting, and maintenance end of the business to expertly and meticulously manage these claims. When Mike is not running McMahon Services & Construction Corp, Mike can be found spending time with his family and 13 grandchildren.

Peggy McMahon

Peggy McMahon is the office manager of 20 years. She acts as the liaison between the homeowner and the insurance company. Peggy has 8 years of prior experience with a major insurance carrier which allows her to use her extensive knowledge to facilitate communication among all parties.

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