Emergency Response Plan

Emergency Response Plan

McMahon Services offers free Emergency Response Plans custom to your needs at no cost to your business. Emergency Response Plan: Plan set in place to help your business in times of an emergency whether it be natural disaster, equipment malfunction, or pandemic. It allows you to have all pertinent information to respond to an emergency easily accessed in one place. Saving time, money, and even lives.

Why Choose McMahon Services for your Emergency Response Plan?

We will organize all of your important information in one place

  •  Skip the line
  •  Skip the line
  • During an emergency, it is critical to have your information in one place.
  • You and your staff will have the ease of knowing where water shut-off valves, fire extinguishers, and eye wash stations are located.
  • You will be able to quickly distribute important information regarding safety procedures during an emergency.

Potential savings

  • Sometimes implementation of an ERP can lower your insurance premiums.
  • Effectively executing an ERP can also help to mitigate damage to your facility, saving money on repairs and time that the facility may be uninhabitable.
Matterport Technology

Accessible 3D virtual tour of your building using Matterport technology allowing you to view and mark exits, water shutoff valves, and fire extinguishers.

We teach you and your team to respond to unplanned emergencies such as small water losses.
Skip the line
You will receive priority dispatch during inclement weather conditions.
You will receive education and direction whenever possible, especially in times of need.

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