Restoring Kindness

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#RestoringKindness with McMahon Services & Construction

Powered by the strength and reach of many,
we are one company with a single purpose. Restoring Lives. Join the Movement in Restoring Kindness.

Do something kind for a stranger and expect nothing in return.

In a effort to help inspire other businesses to make our wold a better place, McMahon Services and Construction invites you to Join the Restoring Kindness Movement this July. It’s an important movement reaching much further than our own community. It’s something the entire country needs.

Everyone at McMahon Services and Construction, a disaster restoration company located in Hainesville, IL, has the daily mission of restoring lives, not just buildings and homes.

Will you join the movement?

Will you go out of your way to do something kind for a stranger?

We want to hear your stories. Show us what acts of kindness you’re a recipient of and share your ideas for how to bless others! Post your pictures and videos and include the hash-tag #RestoringKindness so we can encourage each other in this endeavor.

Kindness doesn’t have an address, it lives wherever we choose to show it.

Download our postcard so you can encourage others in Restoring Kindness in their neighborhoods!

McMahon Restoring Kindness Postcard