Emergency Generators 101 | McMahon Services - Photo of an emergency backup generator

Do I Need an Emergency Generator?

Power outages are common occurrences, especially in severe weather. Usually a power outage is inconvenient at best and can even be a little fun! It’s the perfect time to light candles and bring out the ghost stories. But when the power outage lasts longer than just a few hours, the fun goes away, and it […]

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Are your documents safe from disaster if a fire hits your home? Learn why a fireproof safe is a necessary investment.

Home disasters can strike at anytime. While we don’t like to think that a fire or flood will ever touch our homes, it is best to be prepared in case the worst happens. We keep our homes safe by installing smoke detectors, planning emergency escape routes, and security systems. But what about keeping important documents, […]

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woman checking dehumidifier tank in house

What dehumidifier is best for your home? Learn all about dehumidifiers and how to select the best one for your space!

A dehumidifier is one of the most common household appliances. They are used to keep excess moisture and humidity out of your home. While doing this, they also keep mold and mildew at bay. If you notice that parts of your home have that “muggy” feeling that is typically reserved for hot summer days, chances […]

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