business insurance planning form

What Insurance Should Illinois Contractors Have?

When you are working on a disaster restoration project or a home or business  improvement, it’s important to guarantee that your contractor has the proper insurance coverage before they begin working on your home. In Illinois, it is not a legal requirement for contractors to have liability insurance. However, there are factors that contractors should […]

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students walking on a college campus

Colleges and Universities: Why You Should Know Your Local Disaster Restoration Company

Colleges are home to all types of facilities. Beyond classrooms, you can find several different types of spaces like community workspaces, resident halls, restaurants, science labs, administrative offices, and more on any given campus. While this can be extremely convenient for those on campus, it leaves room for different problems. Problems Can Arise at Any […]

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visible signs roof needs maintenance and replacement

Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Home Exterior

Now that winter has passed, you may start thinking about spring cleaning the inside of your home. With warm weather becoming more frequent, spending more time outdoors is common – you may spot some areas on the exterior of your home that need some TLC. In the Lake County, Illinois area our winters bring on […]

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gutter guards on gutters with debris on top of them

Do Gutter Guards Cause Ice Dams?

Wintertime brings around the holidays, cozy fires, as well as snow and ice that can lead to problems for homeowners. Winter weather, especially the amount of snow that we get in northern Illinois, brings about snow build-up that can lead to dreaded ice dam. What is an Ice Dam? Ice dams form on your roof […]

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