FAQ: Water Restoration

What can I do to avoid needing water damage restoration service in my home?

There are many ways water enters your home, therefore, there are many things a homeowner needs to address.

Some of them are:

  • Make sure your gutters are in good condition, attached securely and cleaned regularly. Remember, if you are in a heavily treed area, you might have to clean them out 3 times a year (birds love to nest in your gutters!). Remember to exercise caution while up on your ladder — it’s good to have someone assist you, or call the professionals.
  • See Ice & Snow below for additional information on ice damming at the gutter line.
  • Check your roof for loose shingles and if your roof needs replacement, it might be time to address that as well.
  • Make sure the caulking around windows and doors is not cracked and dried up. It’s a pretty easy project for “do-it-yourselfers”, if you don’t want to attempt it yourself, hire someone to pull the old caulk and re-apply.
  • Make sure your outside spigots/faucets are freeze proof.
  •  Check your basement for cracks in your foundation walls. There are many epoxy products that you can apply yourself. If the cracks are severe, you should call a professional.
  • Plumbing! Do some regular checks — like when you change your smoke detector batteries.

Be sure to check out these culprits:

  • Check your water heater and washing machine for leaks.
  • Behind your refrigerator around the waterline to the ice maker or water dispenser.
  • Around the dishwasher.
  • Under sink cabinets for leaky faucets.
  • Around toilet base-listen for water running in toilet tank.
  • Around the base of your shower/tub.

A few minor things that could prevent a huge disaster…

Ice & Snow Build Up Causes Water Damage to Your Home

If you get ice damming at the gutter line, there is not much you can do until it melts, don’t go digging around trying to pry the ice out. You’ll do more damage to your gutters than if you’d left things alone. Some people put Ice Melt in nylon stockings and lay them in their gutters. Other people have electric coils in place. Do a little “Googling” and see what you can find.

Whatever you do, try to clean your gutters before mid-November. Don’t wait until ALL the leaves are down. It’s better to have ½ of the leaves cleaned out before that quick Midwest freeze, rather than not get to them at all.

In extremely cold weather, you can open up the sink cabinet doors and let the heat in. You should go around the house and flush all toilets and turn faucets on and off for a minute or so several times a day.

Very important — if you go out of town during the winter months, have someone check your home to make sure your heat has not gone out. Burst pipes cause extensive damage.

***Your homeowner insurance carrier often provides mailings and websites that show how to protect your home from loss. They are always your best source of prevention-so give them a call and check out their advice!

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