5 Remodeling Projects for Fall

Fall is filled with cooler air, changing leaves and the promise of holidays just around the corner. It also means that winter is quickly approaching. This is a great time to start preparing your home for the cold months that Illinois is known for!

Fall is the perfect time to take on smaller remodeling projects that you couldn’t complete during the summer months that will cozy up your home for winter.

Get Winter-Ready with These Fall Remodeling Projects For Your Home

  1. Repair Your Roof.

    Start from the top down – and work on the roof! Focus on inspecting your roof for any broken or loose shingles or holes, dented vents, gutters that are overflowing with leaves or other debris. Patch the holes and clean out the gutters. Clean gutters will help prevent ice dams, water damage, and even leaks during the winter months. They can also help with proper heating in your home.

  2. Check Your Windows for Drafts.

    With drafts comes with higher energy bills and colder temperatures in doors. They can also lead to an overworked furnace which can mean you will need a replacement faster than anticipated. If you cannot replace all the windows, consider covering with plastic or caulk drafty areas before cold months occur.

  3. Keep The Front Door Closed.

    This seems obvious, but making sure that your front door closes securely will keep out cold air. If you notice leaks coming from your front or back doors, you can seal the cracks with weatherstripping or replacing old caulk. A new door may have to happen eventually, but the less extreme methods can be tested first.

  4. Fix Foundation Cracks.

    Humidity in the summer can cause cracks in your foundation. Snow can make it impossible to fix these issues, while spring brings wet weather with excessive rain. Fall is the perfect time to fix any cracks you’ve noticed or even a great time to have your foundation inspected for any problems.

  5. Check Your Siding.

    It’s time to make sure that your siding is ready to protect you from snow and cold, sharp winds. Look for cracks and damaged pieces of siding around all areas of your home. Also check for water damage and mildew and replace any pieces of siding that need replacing.

Fall is the perfect time to check these things off your “to do” list, and McMahon Services can help with all of them! If you find you need assistance from a professional, call us today. We offer free estimates to our Chicago, Des Plains, Waukegan, Schaumburg, Skokie, and surrounding cities in Illinois.