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Safety Measures You Can Take to Make Your Home Safe for Trick-or-Treaters

While this Halloween may look a little different than years past, you need to keep your home safe and sound – and keep your spooky visitors safe as well! Take these steps to avoid any potential tricks this Halloween season and make sure everyone receives a treat when they visit your home.

  1. Repair any cracks in your walkway, sidewalks, or driveways. We all know the superstition “step on a crack and you’ll break your mother’s back…” but it’s always best to avoid accidents due to cracks in the concrete of your home. With increased foot traffic finding its way to your door for sweet treats, cracks or raised areas in your cement can cause trips and falls that can lead to injuries or accidents. Repairing these issues can help stop costly lawsuits. If you cannot repair the broken cement, block off the area with a cone or a barrier.
  2. Light up dark corners. If your block does night time trick or treating to keep the spookiness alive, light up any areas that are too dark for people to travel. While Halloween should be scary, dangerous travel is never a good thing. Light up pathways, front porches, and driveways so people can see where they are walking to prevent any falls or spills from happening on your property.
  3. Keep the fires inside the jack-o-lanterns. Fires are perfect for pumpkins and to heat up cauldrons, but open flames anywhere near the public or in places where they can get knocked over and cause a fire are asking for trouble. Instead of an open flame, opt for battery operated votives or glow sticks to give your home the flickering light effect while still protecting your home and yard from potential fire hazards.
  4. Remove any debris from your areas. Falling leaves, acorns, sticks and clutter make a great backdrop for fall pictures, but clutter up walkways are great hazards for people to trip and fall. Set aside any sticks to a bin and use them as kindling for fire pits. Clean up any piles of leaves, sticks or other debris from your yard before the party starts.
  5. Keep the pets inside. While you may love your dog and want her to join in the festivities, the truth is too many people can scare your furry friends. Kids in costumes are right at your pets eye line and can be a scare for your pet. The extra activity can sometimes be too stimulating for your dog. Instead of worrying about your pet becoming too excited and accidentally jumping on an unsuspecting child, keep your pet inside the house and celebrate with them once the party dies down.
  6. Keep the scare factor to a minimum. As adults, we know that the decorations are fake and that the masked man is just a person in a costume. However small kids don’t know that costumes aren’t real and may get a little scared to come up to your home for their candy if your decorations are too scary. If you want trick-or-treaters of all ages to enjoy your decorations, keep the scare and gore factor to a minimum and throw an adults only party on a different day.
  7. Keep the obstacles to a minimum. Since candy is the main goal of trick or treating, make it easy for your tiny guests to get to it! Don’t hide the bowl or make it difficult for the kids to get to your staging area. Consider sitting with your candy bowl in your driveway, allowing kids to walk right up to you for your candy bar.
  8. Watch your house. There are an increased number of strangers walking by and you’re literally inviting them up to your home! Make sure you have a number of people watching your entrances at all times to ensure no one lingers too long or scouts around for a way in.

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With these tips in mind, your spooky season is sure to be a success! While you are preparing your home for trick-or-treating and come across renovations or repairs to your northern Illinois home that require the help of a professional construction company, McMahon Services is ready to help. Call us today to talk about your renovation plans and see how we can help!