8 HVAC Tips You Need to Know

As the weather gets warmer in the Chicago area, turning your HVAC system from heating to cooling requires it to work in new ways to keep the temperature in your home comfortable. Instead of keeping out the blustery cold of winter, it now has to work to reduce the humidity of summer and keep the temperatures low.

If your system is brand new, this could be as easy as flipping a switch and changing a few settings. However, regardless of the age of your HVAC system, it’s always good to complete a full check-up to make sure there aren’t any issues or wallet-draining costs happening behind the scenes.

HVAC Energy Saving Tips

Before it’s time to blast the A/C, use the following tips to keep your HVAC system running at it’s best without forfeiting comfort or cash.

  1. Schedule a checkup by a professional:

    Instead of doing all of the work yourself, call in a professional to do routine cleaning and assessment of your furnace and air conditioner to make sure everything is in good working order. It’s also the perfect time to ask questions about running your A/C in the most efficient way for your home.

  2. Check around your A/C unit:

    Clean away any debris or plant life growing around your A/C unit. If there is blockage around the vents, air cannot flow as easily into the air conditioning unit. In turn it may cause the unit to run inefficiently. Remove old leaves, trim back weeds, and get rid of any bushes that may block the unit.

  3. Remove old air filters:

    Air filters should be replaced on a monthly basis. However, when switching from winter to summer, a new air filter in the furnace is a must. The clean filter will ensure good airflow and help reduce allergens in the air.

  4. Upgrade your A/C unit if needed:

    While this may seem like a large investment, spending money on a new A/C unit could save you money on a monthly basis. If your unit is older, consider replacing the unit with a new Energy Star Model. Work with a professional to choose the right model and size for your home’s square footage.

  5. Upgrade the indoors:

    Keeping cool isn’t all about updating the outside. You can use sun-blocking curtains and shades to keep the heat away from your living space. Keep things cooler inside by running your dryer and dishwasher in the evenings. You may even consider powering down light bulbs if they give off too much heat at night.

  6. Keeping cool:

    Install ceiling fans and utilize them to keep things cool inside. Fans will keep the air circulating and your energy bill lower than running the A/C full time.

  7. Invest in a smart thermostat:

    Instead of adjusting things manually, invest in a programmable thermostat. Even better, select one one that you can adjust from your phone. This allows you to access it even when you aren’t at home. Keeping your home warmer when you’re away and cooler when you’re indoors can reduce the time your HVAC system runs and lower your monthly energy cost.

  8. Keep the warm air out:

    If you notice that certain rooms are warmer in the summer than others in the home, consider checking them for exposed cracks or damage that are allowing the warm air to seep in through the outside. Leaks could be coming in from window frames or doors. Sealing these with caulk or weatherstripping will help keep rooms cool.

McMahon Services HVAC and Air Duct Cleaning

A typical home requires HVAC cleaning every 3 to 5 years. This can change depending on the number of pets in the home, as well as cleaning habits, allergies, smoking indoors, etc. At McMahon Services, we offer Air Duct and HVAC cleaning to Chicago and surrounding areas. Call us today for more information and to schedule your free estimate!