How Often Do Your Carpets Need To Be Professionally Cleaned?

Clean carpeting is great for both professional and home life. It helps filter the air of a space, feels pleasant underfoot, and adds a refined, warm look to any room. Carpeting needs to be regularly maintained, including regular cleaning. While vacuuming can help keep a carpet tidy, there’s no substitute for the service provided by professional carpet cleaners. From removing stains to eliminating bacteria and allergens, a professional carpet cleaning service can help maintain a carpet’s quality well into the future.

While no set amount of time is required to get your carpet professionally cleaned, most manufacturers recommend cleaning your carpet every twelve to eighteen months. While cleaning carpets yourself is helpful, a professional cleaner will be able to remove dust, dirt, mold, and other particulate matter that is more difficult to remove. Additionally, professional cleaning offers a variety of benefits that might not be immediately apparent.

Benefits of a Professional Carpet Cleaning

A professional cleaning job can improve both the smell and the appearance of a carpet.

Just like how they trap dirt and dust, carpets also trap scents. From pet waste to spilled food, removing bad odors from carpeting is easier said than done, and that’s to say nothing of old stains. However, a professional cleaning service can make even dirty carpeting smell new again, without a blemish in sight.

Taking time to professionally clean your carpets can actually improve your health.

Carpets naturally get dirty over time, collecting all sorts of contaminants. From dust and dirt to allergens and grime, carpets filter and gather a wide variety of airborne pollutants. In northern Illinois, we spend much of the year indoors – potentially breathing in these contaminants.

However, removing these contaminants yourself can be difficult, requiring more effort than simply vacuuming. A deep clean can also help eliminate bacterial growth that’s taken root in your carpet. When carpets are contaminated with moist dirt or other soil, they can become a breeding ground for germs. So when you clean your carpets professionally, you may improve your own health by removing these various irritants and improving the surrounding indoor air quality.

A professionally cleaned carpet has longer longevity than one cleaned personally by hand.

While some cursory cleaning can improve the appearance of a carpet, a professionally cleaned carpet can last years longer than one cleaned by hand. Using carefully selected tools and cleaning products, a professional team can clean your carpet without harming it. There’s an extra benefit here as well, in that professionally cleaned carpets are less expensive to maintain in the long run. Frequently, when people attempt to clean their own carpets, they miscalculate the cost and end up spending more money than if they hired a professional cleaning company. With the right knowledge and the right tools, a professional carpet cleaner can leave a carpet feeling brand new at a significantly lower cost.

In business spaces, getting a carpet professionally cleaned can actually improve your workers’ performance.

In addition to the various other health benefits, employees are happier and more productive in clean environments. A well-cleaned space signals to your staff that you care about their well-being and comfort, which can, in turn, motivate them and increase their daily happiness.

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Carpets require regular maintenance and care, but it’s well worth the cost and effort. By regularly scheduling professional carpet cleaning, you can keep your carpeting looking as fresh as the day it was first installed.  For professionally cleaned carpets, McMahon Services is here to help you. We offer inspections and estimates to residential and commercial customers in Chicago and surrounding Illinois service areas. Our certified and knowledgeable professionals offer a quick response time and quality workmanship. Contact us today, and let us know what we can do to help.