What is the Best Time of Year To Repair or Replace Your Roof?

A quality roof should last for years without the need for constant repairs or even a complete replacement. However, even the best quality roof won’t last forever. That’s why most residential or commercial property owners will most likely find themselves in need of repair or replacement at some point.

However, major repairs or replacements aren’t as easy as picking up the phone and scheduling a company to come out right away. A lot of things need to be considered beforehand, not the least of which being: Is this the best time of year to repair or replace the roof in the first place?

Why Does the Time of Year Matter for Roof Replacement?

If you’re wondering why you should look at the calendar after you look at the roof, the answer will be clear once you know some of the fundamental things that roof work requires.

For starters, your roof is your first line of defense between your home and the outdoor elements. Therefore, repair or replacement means the team and their tools will need to work outside in those elements. If you’re from the upper Midwest like we are, you know that the success of outdoor work depends heavily on what season you’re in.

Additionally, like a lot of other lines of work, contractors have busy and slow seasons for certain types of work, and roof repair or replacement is no exception. Roofers are more in demand when weather conditions are just right, so making sure you plan and schedule ahead is vital to making sure you can get the roofers there when you need and want them.

When is the Best Time of Year to Schedule Roof Work in Illinois?

In Illinois where we experience all four seasons and everything they have to offer, the answer might be pretty obvious: Avoid the freeze of winter and the heat of summer and aim for spring or fall as the ideal times for roof work.

Springtime Roof Replacement

After winter’s thaw, a lot of property owners may notice that their roof needs some help or to be replaced entirely. Spring is one of the best times to get this work completed because of the warmer temperatures outside. While warmer temperatures certainly make working conditions more comfortable for the team, comfort isn’t the main reason warmer temperatures are preferable. Most roofing materials, asphalt shingles in particular, require a minimum temperature so that they adhere properly and create the seal they need to stay in place.

However, spring showers are a major consideration when thinking about roof work in the spring. The good news is that a good contracting team will know how to work around some drizzly and damp days to prevent big delays in getting the project completed.

Fall Roof Replacement

Less unpredictable than spring, fall is also an excellent time to repair or replace your roof. In fact, it might be the optimal time as you experience milder temperatures and usually fewer rainy days. Lower temperatures, less humidity, and less rain all mean your shingles will have the perfect conditions to adhere and create the seal they need.

One drawback of scheduling in the fall is that it is typically a busy time for contractors as everyone scrambles to get repairs and replacements completed before winter arrives. However, with proper planning ahead of time, securing a team shouldn’t be a problem. With the weather’s cooperation, teams can work longer days to complete your project promptly.

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