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Keep Earth Day Going All Month – Check out these Eco-Friendly Remodeling Tips

We celebrate Earth Day in April, but instead of just celebrating our amazing planet just one day out of the year, why not keep Earth Day going all month or throughout the year? We all know we need to reduce, reuse, and recycle, but don’t let all of your efforts stop there. When you decide to start renovating and remodeling your home – take into consideration these eco-friendly remodeling projects.

Why Eco-Friendly?

We only have one planet, and helping out mother earth is a huge benefit to the environment! But the great thing is, when you help out the planet with your renovations, you can help yourself, too!

  • Save money: When thinking about what types of building materials to work with for your renovations, “eco” or “green” tend to make us think of a higher price. While some options may cost more – most are reasonably priced or even lower than “standard” materials! Here’s the thing, though – buying new supplies isn’t your only option. Reusing materials can really take a chunk out of your budget. Sustainable products are often more efficient which requires less home energy and water use.
  • Better health: Eco-friendly building materials can help with your health and the health of others in your home, by eliminating the use of known carcinogens like volatile organic compounds (VOCs). VOCs are often found in typical building materials especially plastics and paints. Traditional materials can often hold more moisture which can lead to mold problems, while green products can help you and your family breathe easier!

Eco-Friendly Renovations to Try

Here are a few ways you can “go green” while doing your next project.

  • Buy recycled materials.  Many hardware stores offer recycled materials. They aren’t difficult to find and can include counter tops, tiles, drywall and even insulation. If you use these products, you’re avoiding buying brand new – and saving them from going into a landfill!
  • Purchase new, but still recycled. If you can’t find what you’re looking for with pre-owned items, look at items that are brand new, but created from recycled materials.
  • Look for energy savers. When you are purchasing appliances, look for the Energy Star ratings. These items are similar in price to standard machines, but reduce your utility costs over their lifetimes.
  • Keep the size appropriate. Bigger isn’t always better. Keep your environmental footprint in mind. Factor in how big of an area you need to cover with your furnace or new air conditioner. Purchase a unit that covers that area – and only that area.
  • Install windows for natural light. Use skylights to allow sunlight to come in through the ceiling if possible, and keep windows in areas where natural sunlight will flow in – reducing the need for artificial light.

Call McMahon Services and Construction at 847-566-4568 for your restoration and construction needsYour home does not have to be 100% green, but making small changes to your renovations can have a large impact on the environment, and your pocketbook. When you’re ready to make these changes, call McMahon Services for your construction and remodeling services. We’re here to help make your home eco-friendly!



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