How can I tell if my air ducts need cleaning?

Did you know that according to the National Air Ducts Cleaning Association (NADCA) air ducts in a typical home should be cleaned every 3 to 5 years? Granted, this depends on the factors in the home like pets, allergies, if there are smokers in the home, etc. but when was the last time you cleaned your air ducts?

Since air ducts are what carry heat and cool air from room to room, if they’re dirty, they will carry dust and debris from room to room as well. The NADCA also says that the average household creates 40 pounds of dust each year, and most of that is ending up in your air ducts.

What do air ducts do?

Air ducts act as the entry and exit points for your home’s heating and cooling system. Air is pulled into the duct, heated (or cooled) to your specifications and then sent back into your home. While air ducts do have filters that trap dust, hair and other debris, they do not catch 100% of everything that flows through the duct system.

Air pollutants build up and eventually start to be pumped into your home through the air ducts. This can include dust, dirt, and allergens. Since your air is continually circulated through the ducts, this dirt never goes away!

When is it time to clean my air ducts?

Even if you aren’t a sufferer of chronic allergies, clean air ducts are a great thing to have. They keep your home as dust and dirt free as possible while keeping the air you breathe clean! Since your ducts are hidden behind your walls and not readily visible to you, it’s important to notice the following signs that your ducts need cleaning:

  1. You notice that dust and dirt are built up on your vent covers.
  2. Your home is constantly dusty, and regardless of how many times you try to get rid of it, it comes back.
  3. There is a large build up of dust or dirt on the walls or floor.
  4. A remodeling project has recently been completed and caused a lot of dust and dirt inside your home.
  5. You’ve noticed an increase in your energy bills. This can indicate your heating/cooling system is working extra hard!
  6. You are changing your air filters more frequently than usual. Typically twice a year is the standard for swapping out filters!
  7. If you’ve installed a new air conditioner or furnace, it’s time to clean your vents!
  8. You’ve noticed the temperature is inconsistent throughout your home.
  9. Allergies have increased through your home.
  10. Your furnace or central air unit show build up of dust and dirt.

Keeping your ducts clean will keep the indoor air quality as clean and clear as possible!

Bring in the professionals from McMahon Services!

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