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Do I Need an Emergency Generator?

Power outages are common occurrences, especially in severe weather. Usually a power outage is inconvenient at best and can even be a little fun! It’s the perfect time to light candles and bring out the ghost stories. But when the power outage lasts longer than just a few hours, the fun goes away, and it becomes a struggle to keep life going on as normal.

Natural disasters can strike at any time. Being prepared for the worst with a backup home generator is the perfect way to keep the lights on during a power outage.


What is an Emergency Generator?

An emergency, or standby (or backup) generator is an alternate power source for when the power goes out. These generators are not portable and are instead installed permanently into the electrical panel on your home. They are powered by a fuel tank and will keep power running to your home for days while emergency services get power restored.

A backup generator is wired to know when the power in your home goes out through the use of an automatic transfer switch. This magic switch detects the interruption in service, and switches to generator power instead of the main power source in the home.

The fuel supply must be kept full, or the generator will not function properly. Depending on the type of generator fuel types will vary. Keep in mind to be safe with fuel storage, and refrain from storing any flammable containers near your home, just in case of a fire.


What Size Do I Need?

Emergency generators come in various sizes and depending on what you have connected in your home, the size you need will vary. If you have the typical appliances such as a television, refrigerator, lights, sump pump, etc. then a 3,000 – 4,000-watt generator may work. However, if you require a generator to support a heating or cooling system, a larger generator is necessary.

Working with a professional can help you decide what size and type of generator to purchase.

While choosing a generator may seem like a chore, there are online guides to consult, and sellers of generators will help you decide what size and model to choose.

If your home experiences damage from severe weather, McMahon Services offers restoration services for all disaster types. Fire, flood, roof and siding – we handle everything! Our services are ready 24 hour a day 7 days a week, call us when your emergency strikes.

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