Is Your Home Protected Against Sewage Damage?

Sewage water doesn’t just smell bad, it is also filled with bacteria and viruses. If it seeps into your home sewage water can lead to diseases for anyone that comes in contact with it, making them incredibly ill. Water damage from freshwater sources can cause serious damage, but sewage water causes worse problems. Instead of looking for mold and mildew, sewage water can be irreversible.

Furniture, carpet, and other household items may need to be replaced if not cleaned properly which can make repairs costly and time-consuming. To avoid sewage damage in your home, the first step is understanding what causes sewage damage and how to prevent it.

The Basics of Plumbing Systems

In the modern world, we don’t really give a second thought to how our plumbing system works. However, to understand how to prevent sewer water from entering your home, a quick 101 on the plumbing system is needed.

There are three main parts to the plumbing system.

  • Water supply
  • Drain system
  • Appliance and fixtures

The water supply connects to the city line or to a well depending on where you live. This carries fresh water into your home. Once there, the water flows through the pipes for different reasons. Coldwater heads to the toilets and outdoor faucets and hot water lines leading to the hot water tanks.

Wastewater, or water that can no longer be used, leaves the house through the drain system. This uses gravity to send water downhill through pipes, with U-pipes preventing sewer gases from getting into your home.

When a block happens, water can’t flow freely, a backup occurs which can lead to a hazardous sewage backup into your yard or home.

Causes of Sewage Backups

There are many reasons why sewage damage occurs, but the following are among the most common.

  • Root Invasion

    As trees get bigger, so do their roots. These roots can infiltrate pipes causing blockages, along with breaking and cracking of pipes.

  • Solid Flushes

    When items like toys, diapers, and other solid objects are flushed that should be flushed, these items are too large for the wastewater pipes to pass from the property lines to the city lines. This can lead to a blockage and a backup.

  • Structural Defects

    Pipes go through wear and tear just like everything else. As the pipes age, they can break down leading to cracks and holes which means misaligned pipes and issues with service lines.

  • City Sewer Backup

    Sometimes the backup isn’t residential, but comes from the city sewer back up. City lines can backup due to heavy rains or melted snow and ice. This can cause sewage flooding in your home.

A professional is needed to clean up sewage from your home due to the toxins and bacteria it contains. McMahon Services is experienced in sewage cleanup for over 20 years and serves Chicago and all surrounding areas. Our staff is educated and certified in this precise field.