Use These Tips to Prevent A Workplace Fire

We often hear about how to prevent residential fires, but it is also important to talk about how to prevent fire in the workplace. In 2018, there were 86 fatalities due to fire and explosions in an occupational setting in the United States.

Business owners can use the following list to keep buildings and residents safe from potential fire threats.

Tips to Prevent a Fire in the Workplace 

  1. Watch for electrical hazards.

    Do a sweep of all areas of the building and watch for any electrical hazards. You want to look for faulty wiring, frayed wiring, and electrical equipment that is not functioning properly. Also be cautious of overloaded power strips or surge protectors.

  2. Keep fire exits clear and free of clutter.

    Keep the building clean and organized. Have a place for everything. Make sure that all employees know where emergency exits are located and that they remain clear and easy to access at all times.

  3. Keep sprinkler systems and smoke detectors checked regularly.

    Sprinklers and smoke detectors must be tested regularly. Never block smoke detectors and keep sprinkler systems free of any stacked materials.

  4. Install fire extinguishers.

    A fire inspector will dictate the number of fire extinguishers that are required for the size of your building. Keep extinguishers serviced and  maintained. Teach all staff where they are located and how to properly use the extinguishers should the need arise.

  5. Keep smoking to designated areas.

    Have designated smoking areas outside and away from the building. Make sure that these areas have proper containers for disposal.

Workplace Fire Damage Restoration Services 

Using these tips can help prevent fires from occurring in your business. However, even the most prepared business can still experience fire damage. McMahon Services is here to help with your restoration needs.

Our dedicated team of fire restoration experts will stay with you through each step of the process, including working with your insurance company on any necessary claims or documentation.

If your northern Illinois business experiences fire damage, and a restoration company is necessary, call McMahon Services today.