Ceiling Damage Causing Problems in Your Home? Here’s how to Handle Common Ceiling Issues.

Have you found dark spots or cracks on your ceiling? Or noticed any type of bowing or sagging in the ceiling above you? If so, you’re experiencing some of the most common forms of ceiling damage – and it’s time to look at how to repair the problem before they get worse!

Common Ceiling Problems

Ceiling damage can manifest in a series of different ways. Stains, cracks, sagging, or other types of spots are all signs that there is an issue with the ceiling in your home. Here are a few warning signs to watch for if you suspect a problem above you.

  1. Signs of stains ranging from large to small spots is a main cause of ceiling damage. Discoloration on your ceiling could be a number of different issues, but they all mean one thing – it’s time to get the ceiling looked at quickly.
  2. Cracks have started to appear and spiderweb across your ceiling. Cracks can appear in straight lines or spiderweb across your ceiling. This is a sign that the drywall is weakening. More than likely, there is a larger problem at hand.
  3. If you notice sagging or bowing in your ceiling, it is imperative to get a professional inspection completed right away. A ceiling should be flat, level, and straight. If they bow or buckle, this can be a sign of structural damage.
  4. Have you noticed paint chipping and peeling? This is a great indicator that water damage may be at large. Paint should last for many years – if you notice paint peeling and flaking before its time, call in a professional to inspect your ceiling.

What Causes Ceiling Damage Issues

Different types of ceiling damage can be caused by several issues. The main causes of ceiling damage include:

  • Water leaks. Stains, peeling paint, sagging – all of these can be caused by a hidden water leak. Not many of us spend a lot of time in our attics or on our rooftops, and therefore, would not notice water leaking into our homes. However, water leaks can be the culprit of many different problems. If you believe you may have a water leak, call in the professional water damage restoration team at McMahon Services right way.

  • Standing water and too much moisture can be the cause of ceiling stains. This can lead to mold and mildew growth, which can be a massive problem to deal with if left untreated. If you suspect that your home may be high in humidity, place dehumidifiers strategically around the areas to keep moisture at an all time low.

  • Cracks can be caused by structural damage. A wall stud could buckle, or damage from another source could cause damage to the overall structure of your home. This is not something to leave unattended. If you see cracks or sagging, call in a professional to have your ceiling inspected immediately.

  • Overall, your home just isn’t aging well. As disappointing as it is, it can happen. In older homes, it could be old age that is causing these issues. If you suspect your home may be suffering from just plain old age – it may be time for a makeover in certain areas to keep problems at bay.

If you find ceiling issues, call in the professionals at McMahon Services. We offer roofing and construction repairs for all size homes, and can identify any existing issues right away. Our teams are ready and standing by, call us today for more information and to get your ceiling repaired quickly.