5 Tips for Keeping Customers & Employees Happy during a Business Remodel

The U.S. is undoubtedly in a phase of economic growth, and with that comes companies expanding and growing. Now is the perfect time to lay out plans to remodel, expand, or even build a brand new space for your company. This is a big endeavor, especially if your company is quite busy – which is probably exactly the case! The good news it’s doable, it is worth it, and we have a lot of experience helping companies successfully grow their physical footprint.

From experience, here are five tips we give our customers ahead of any Business Remodel project like this:

  1. Know your objective. Take a moment to ask these 5 questions:

    a) What is your #1 goal with a new/expanded space?

    b) What is your pain point with your current space, and how can that be overcome?

    c) Who will occupy the new space?

    d) How can capital investment be minimized, and property value maximized?

    e) Will your plan keep your facility on par with surrounding property values?

  2. Create a communication plan. This isn’t just for within your company; this is for your neighboring businesses, customers, routine delivery drivers, and anyone else who regularly interacts with your company. It’s a great idea to send out updates about the project once in a while, including changes to access points. You don’t want customers suddenly confused about how to get into your parking lot or your building! It also doesn’t hurt to add a few of those “excuse our dust as we expand to better serve you”-type signs around! 
  3. Keep it clean. Okay, so they’re excusing the dust – but that doesn’t mean you should just let the whole place go until the project is over. Our crews will be sure our worksites are cleaned up throughout the day, and thoroughly cleaned up at the end of the day. We can also build containment walls to keep dust and debris out of unaffected areas. Still, we suggest making sure surfaces are cleaned thoroughly and often to keep up appearances, even in the midst of what may feel like chaos.

  4. Manage traffic flow.  This goes back to communication. Make sure to keep the main entrance open for foot traffic, and it’s okay to ask construction traffic to avoid certain areas of the parking lot. Customers should be able to come and go freely. Post signs for construction zones, where people should park, building entrances and exits, areas that are off limits, employee areas, and even access routes for emergency vehicles. The more clearly labeled everything is, the more comfortable your customers will feel being on site.
  5. Think efficiency. Chances are it has been a few years since your last remodel or expansion. If so, don’t forget to take efficiency upgrades into consideration as well. With innovations in technology, it is easy and relatively inexpensive to making lighting and HVAC systems more efficient than ever.

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