Mold Remediation – What is it and What to Expect During the Clean Up Process

You’ve just found mold in your home and are dealing with the process of removing and restoring the affected areas. When mold is first found it can be alarming, and sometimes overwhelming. Mold removal should always be completed by a professional mold remediation team. But what happens when that company shows up and begins the clean up process? Let’s take a look.

Mold Remediation Process Outlined

To begin preparing for the company to rid your home of mold, begin by clearing out the area to provide the restoration company complete access to the affected zone. Here are the steps that typically occur during mold remediation:

  1. The company will begin by evaluating the overall problem. Mold has a way of hiding in different areas. They’ll search to find the cause of the mold and how far the issue actually extends through the home. Once the source is found, it’s time to start removing the mold once and for all.

  2. Containment of the mold comes next. Mold spreads easily. Keeping mold spores from spreading throughout the home is an important step in the remediation process. Companies use different methods to contain the mold, but negative air chambers are a favorite among most.

  3. It’s now time to begin filtering the air and removing the mold. Using air scrubbers and heavy duty HEPA Filters, the remediation team will remove the mold and mold spores from the air in your home.

  4. Once the air is clean, removing any mold infested materials is next. Depending on the size of the problem, material removal will vary. However, if companies find mold in your carpeting, drywall, or other household appliances, these will be removed.

  5. Cleaning and sanitizing of fabrics, clothing, and belongings is one of the final steps in mold remediation. Furniture and curtains will be cleaned using high powered equipment and chemicals, all to ensure that there is no mold left to re-introduce back into the home.

  6. Once the mold is removed, it’s time to rebuild. A mold remediation company will work with a construction crew to repair and restore any major or minor issues in your home that were affected by the mold problem.

While mold is not a fun issue to deal with, the experts at McMahon Services and Construction make it stress free for you and your family to get back to everyday life as quickly as possible. Our mold remediation experts are standing by and ready to assist with any size mold problem – give us a call today for more information.