Work With a Team to Help Maintain Your Commercial Property

Being a commercial property owner means keeping everything in tip-top shape in order for things to run smoothly at all times. This includes routine upkeep, emergency repairs, and future improvements to keep your tenants happy. With routine maintenance alone this can mean roofing, HVAC, electrical, plumbing, and additional issues that pop up from tenants on a regular basis.

While this is all-important to building maintenance, it isn’t the only thing that requires your attention as a building owner. Having an additional person to help maintain the day-to-day operations of your commercial building will allow you to work on additional issues, potentially saving you money and absolutely saving you time in the long run.

Hire a Maintenance Facility Provider

Like the restoration services industry, facility maintenance is a 24 hour a day, 7 days a week job. It doesn’t allow for time off or holidays, and the person in this role has to be ready to respond to a call regardless of any additional commitments. The idea that one person could take on this job effectively isn’t feasible – which is why a company with a team of people to help is a great solution.

A property management team can be on call to help with items as you need them, or they can be on site to protect your property around the clock. It is up to you and whatever your budget allows. If budget is an issue – think of what your time is worth – you may actually save money with the help a facility manager can provide. Here are some examples:

  • Fast response times. A small water leak can quickly turn into a flood. A maintenance crew that is ready around the clock will be able to respond to the issue quickly, preventing it from getting out of hand and preventing it from turning into a costly issue.
  • Routine maintenance. This team will routinely check your property for issues. This includes interior, exterior, and inner workings like HVAC and other systems on a nearly daily basis. While they respond to normal wear and tear, this can prevent small issues from becoming larger problems with a higher price tag for repair.
  • Seasonal services. Each season brings different challenges. Someone that is trained in what to look for in winter versus summer will protect your property from weather-related damage, AND keep the landscaping and snow removal under control as well.
  • Preventative maintenance. Instead of waiting for an issue to pop up, a facilities manager will seek out a potential problem before it happens, providing a solution to keep it under control before the issue becomes a problem that will cost additional resources and money.

Commercial Property Damage Restoration Services

At McMahon Services, we offer commercial property restoration services for any type of property damage. We will partner with your facilities maintenance manager to provide fire or water damage restoration services, along with clean-up services if needed. Our goal is to reduce stress and expense and return your building to pre-loss condition. Call us today for a free estimate.