How to Prevent Fires in a Manufacturing Environment

Fire safety and prevention is the goal of any business owner. Fire can break out in a flash, and ensuring that your staff is safe and understands how to react in the event of a fire is the best way to guarantee the safety of everyone.

What are the steps that manufacturing plants can take to prevent fires and practice fire safety? Read on to learn more.

Steps to Practicing Fire Safety

Manufacturing environments are special cases when it comes to fire safety. Depending on the type of plant, it can mean different potential for fire breakouts, but the steps for fire safety remain pretty similar.

  1. Start with installing a fire suppression system

    All business should have a fire suppression system installed, but manufacturing plants require a well planned out system in different areas of the business. The system will automatically trigger when the temperature reaches a certain degree or when someone manually pulls an emergency trigger. This will release specific chemicals to help contain and extinguish the fire before it can get out of hand. Have your fire suppression system tested and inspected regularly.

  2. Write up an evacuation plan

    This document will cover all potential escape routes and what to do in the case of a fire emergency. It is imperative to plan out different ways of escape, keeping in mind that in the event of a fire one exit may be blocked and an alternate will be necessary. Remember to share your fire evacuation plan with everyone in your business. Having a fire escape plan but forgetting to share it with your employees is not helpful to anyone.

  3. Practice your escape route

    Have regular fire drills and document the problem areas of escape. When you notice a particular issue within your escape plan, it’s time to rewrite and rework.

  4. Comply with all fire safety codes

    This is incredibly important for fire safety. Fire codes are in place to keep buildings and their inhabitants safe and sound from fire. These codes require a specific number of exits, fire extinguishers, smoke detectors, etc. to keep a fire from spreading.

In the Event of a Fire

The steps we discussed above will help prevent a fire and assist with escape if one breaks out. Should a fire hit your business, the safety of all inhabitants is the number one priority. Once everyone is evacuated, call in emergency services to put out the fire and clear the property for return and restoration.

At McMahon Services and Construction, our emergency fire restoration team is here to treat the commercial properties in Waukegan Illinois and surrounding areas. Call us today, we’re ready to respond and assist 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and specialize in fire restoration services and returning your business back to normal as quickly as possible.