How to Remove Smoke Odors From Your Home After a Fire

A house fire is one of the most traumatic events anyone can go through. Once the professionals have cleared you to return to your home, you finally have a chance to see what was destroyed during the fire, and this can cause reality to set in even further – and make it more difficult to figure out how to put your life back to normal.

When you do return home, one of the first things that you will notice is the smoke smell that permeates your home. This smell will take up residence in the fabrics, carpets, and even clothing left behind. This smell is a constant reminder that you experienced a fire, and it will seem impossible to figure out a way to remove the smoke smell from your home.

While there are professional companies like McMahon Services that can come in and take care of the smoke smell for you, there are other methods for you to try to keep the smell to a minimum until professional help can arrive.

Tips to Keep the Smoke Smell at Bay

These tips come from professional cleaning companies. Use these tips while you wait for the professional cleaning companies to arrive and take over.

  1. Start the cleanup process quickly.

    It is important to act as fast as possible when attempting to clean up the smoke smell from your home. Do not allow the smoke to permeate your fabrics. The longer smoke sits, the harder it becomes to remove it from your fabrics. Start trying to clean the smell from your home immediately upon your return.

  2. Dispose of anything that is not salvageable.

    The less you have to clean from your home, the better. Items that cannot be cleaned like carpeting, wallpaper, insulation, etc. all should be removed and disposed of. Things that can be cleaned like linens, clothing, and furniture can be cleaned – however, the less items in the house to clean, the better.

  3. Open windows and doors to air out the premises.

    Fresh air will decrease the smoke odor. Keep windows and doors open, and use fans to push out the smoke smell!

  4. Remove the soot.

    Soot is tricky to clean, but removing it will help rid your home of the smell. Soot is the black particles left behind from the fire. It contains chemicals that can cause more damage if left untreated and is actually what holds the smoke odor. Removing soot can be difficult, so hiring a professional is the best way to rid yourself of this mess.

  5. Get the items dry cleaned.

    Dry cleaning will help you remove the smell from smaller items. A professional dry cleaner has the right tools and techniques to deep clean items that may not be able to be treated with a DIY method.

When should I hire a professional?

At McMahon Services, we know exactly how devastating it can be to recover from a house fire. Our fire restoration team of experts is available to help 24/7, and works quickly to bring your home back to normal as fast as possible, and with the experience needed to make the process easy for you and your family 

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