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Should You Use the Same Contractor for Restoration and Reconstruction Projects?

When disaster strikes it is rarely at an opportune time for homeowners. Flood, fire, storm and other damage can happen at any time, and to anyone. When disasters happen, it is important to have a restoration company you can trust. But should the same company that is ready to restore your home, be the same company to make repairs?

The short answer is absolutely.

When damage finds its way to your home it not only requires repairs, but a company that is versed in restoration techniques that can bring your home back to its natural state. The construction company that you select needs to be the best. Your home may require replacement drywall, structural repairs, a new roof installed, and much more.

In addition to the structural repairs, cleaning your interior is another job that can take up time, money, and energy in an already stressful situation.

One of the best things to do when you’re ready to bring in a professional home repair service is to find one that handles it all.

Steps to Take to Find a Contractor 

The last thing you want to do when dealing with a disaster to your home is wonder how you’re going to fix the issue. Most problems that present are not something that can be fixed on your own but do require the help of a professional residential contractor.

When you’re ready to choose the right person to help you restore your home, it will be overwhelming. You are putting your house and home in the hands of someone that you’ve never met and trusting that they will return your home back to its prior state.

Begin by sourcing your local area for contractors that specialize in the area that you’ve experienced the issue. For example, if your home was flooded, you will want a contractor that understands how to deal with water damage, find the leak, repair the issue, and ensure that all affected areas are cleaned and restored.

References and recommendations from friends and family can come in handy during this step, but always interview and ask for references yourself before hiring your contractor.

Why You Should Utilize the Same Contractor for Repairs and Restoration 

Let’s take our previous example of a pipe bursting and causing flood damage to your home. Typically, there would be different companies assisting in the clean-up. You’d start with a plumber to find the broken pipe and replace the old pipe with the new.

Step two is finding a company that can remove any standing water from the initial room where the pipe burst. This person will also review the rest of your home to ensure that water is not flooding between your walls, or that water is not settling on the ceilings of a different room. Once this is determined, drying the room (between the walls, on the floor, and all other nooks and crannies) is the final step to ensure that mold and mildew are not present, or forming.

Then a construction company is called in to repair drywall, flooring, and furniture that was destroyed in the flood.

That’s three different companies you need to find, interview, and hire – just to repair one issue in your home.

Instead of using three companies – why not use one?

A contractor is the best resource for homeowners that experience any issues. While you could take it upon yourself to use random reviews for several companies, a contractor has all the people needed to make repairs and fixes already in their network.

All you must do is hire a contractor and let them handle the rest. A local contractor has people that they’ve worked with before. They are able to put together an entire team of professionals in a fraction of the time.

Hiring a professional contractor may save you time and money in the log run!

This isn’t the only benefit of working with a contractor. You will not play the middle man. Instead the contractor is the go-between for any workers that may have questions or concerns.

You explain your project to one person who then takes the information and relays it to the right people that can help – a one stop shop for everything you need.

Contractor Services with McMahon Services and Construction

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Don’t let questions and uncertainty overwhelm you when you are suffering from home damage. Instead, let the professionals at McMahon Services & Construction take the burden off you and your family. Call us today – we’re ready to help.