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Spring Cleaning Exterior Winter Water Damage

Spring has finally sprung, and while we revel in the warm sunshine and green grass, the exterior of your home may need some TLC. Winter brings about cold temperatures, ice, and harsh winds – all of which can bring damage to your siding and require maintenance.

Larger issues are easy to spot, but now that that snow has melted, it’s important to look for smaller problems that could become larger issues later.

Perform a Spring Maintenance Inspection

Spring  maintenance and cleaning isn’t just for indoors. Now that the weather is nice enough for you to get outside, it’s time to take a look at these areas of your home for any damage. If you spot any areas needing maintenance, push it to the top of your to-do list.

  • Check the roof. Your roof has one purpose – to protect you from the elements. If anything is wrong with the shingles or overall structure of the roof, it can lead to many problems. Excess moisture, unexpected critters, mold… a roof with problems is not something any homeowner wants. Check these areas:

    •  Look for any missing or damaged shingles and repair or replace them. This will keep out any moisture that could lead to mold problems inside the home.
    • Shingles that are warped, blistering, or curling should be replaced as well.
    • Check the chimney for any damage including loose bricks or problems with the cap.
    • Look at the gutters. Is there any roofing grit in the downspouts?
  • Look closely at the siding. In addition to the roof, your home’s siding is there to keep you safe and warm. Regardless of the material, siding must be checked regularly for any problems and, if found, repaired as quickly as possible to avoid a hefty price tag later.

    • Check siding for any gaps between bricks or slats. Also look for cracks and holes.
    • Is there any wear, warping, or buckling that is visible?
    • Are any pieces of siding missing completely?
    • Do you notice any stains or discoloration that could mean water damage behind the siding?
    • Is the siding pulling away from the home?
  • Check your gutters and downspouts. We mentioned this when we talked about checking your roof, but your gutters need to be thoroughly checked and cleaned.

    • Remove any clogs caused by leaves or other debris.
    • If there is standing water or water that is draining too slowly, check the downspout for any blockages, and remove them immediately.
    • Are there any cracks or leaks in the gutter seams?
    • Do the gutters secure properly to the roof?
    • Are the downspouts pointed away from the foundation of your home?
  • Check the foundation for any damage to keep indoor flooding away.

    • Look for crumbling or chipped areas in the concrete.
    • Is there any bowing or bulging in the foundation walls?
    • How about cracks or holes in the interior or exterior of the foundation?
    • Look in the basement – is there any moisture?
    • Are there any outdoor puddles near the foundation of your home that are not being absorbed quickly into the ground?
    • How about cracks in other areas like walls, doorways, windows?
  • Finally, check out the landscaping. Landscaping isn’t there only to make your yard look pretty. If not maintained properly, landscaping can lead to potential problems.

    • Look for trees and shrubs that are growing too close to the siding, roof, or foundation of your home. If knocked over – these could cause damage to your home.
    • Is any of your landscaping leaning towards your home instead of away?
    • What about poor drainage?

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While winter is gone, spring has just begun! Checking off home maintenance early in the season means you can enjoy your summer without a running to-do list. You can also call in the professionals at McMahon Services for additional help if you’d like to kick back and enjoy your summer without worrying about home repairs! Give us a call today for more information on our construction services today.



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