Keep the Fire Controlled – Use These Tips for Summer Fire Safety

Summer is here, and that means long weekends outside, backyard barbecues and roasting marshmallows over a fire-pit. While sitting around a backyard fire after a long day is extremely relaxing, there are a few different safety measures to consider before lighting those fires and getting cozy up to the flames.

Backyard Summer Fire Safety Tips 

There are several different steps to planning and creating the perfect fire pit. Safety is priority number one! Following the steps below will keep you and your household safe while enjoying the outdoors.

Installing the Perfect Fire Pit

  1. Prepare your yard for your fire pit. Your fire should be in an enclosed area like a fire bowl or fire pit.
  2. When you decide on the perfect space, clear the area of any debris like grass, leaves, pine needles or paper. You don’t want to take the chance of a stray spark igniting and causing an uncontrolled fire.
  3. Do not place furniture too close to the fire pit.
  4. Consider fitting your fire pit with screens to contain sparks and ash. Use a lid to keep control of the flames, should they get out of hand.
  5. Never put a fire pit underneath trees or a roof.
  6. Keep flammable liquids far away from the fire pit. Most liquids are combustible  just from the heat of a fire!

What to Watch for During the Fire

  1. Never leave a fire unattended. A fire, even a small fire, can turn into a huge blaze in a matter of seconds.
  2. Stay a safe distance away from the pit itself. Sparks literally fly around these things and you do not want to be hit with a stray spark.
  3. Only throw wood or branches into the fire, never garbage or garden waste. These can release harmful black smoke into the air.
  4. Keep an extinguisher on hand, whether it is a hose or an actual fire extinguisher. In case of emergency, you want to act fast and douse the flames.
  5. Never leave children alone around a fire pit. Typically, children are curious about fire and can get too close to the flames.

When You’re Finished

Once the fire is done, make sure you discard the waste properly. Wait 24 hours before you decide to move any ashes – this gives the ashes a full day to extinguish and not hide any smoldering embers.

If you do experience fire damage from any type of disaster, McMahon Services has a specialized team trained to handle any and all fire restoration projects. We understand how scary a fire is and the stress it puts on you and your family.

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