Your Summer Maintenance Checklist for Commercial Properties

Owning a commercial building has many challenges that residential property owners do not experience. Instead of maintaining a building for one family, many times you are managing multiple units for renters, healthcare facilities with numerous patients, or buildings with various businesses and tenants.

This type of responsibility requires planning and organization, and staying in front of problems before they occur will allow you to handle emergencies as they pop up. Get your commercial building ready for the summer months by following this handy checklist.

What to Check for Outside

  1. Landscaping is sometimes overlooked, especially before the weather becomes warm and sunny. However, after the winter, it is important to start cleaning up any debris, twigs, leaves, etc. that clutter the yard. Once the grass is clear, you can begin to water and fertilize the grass as needed to make it green and lush for summer!
  2. Clear and clean the gutters. This will prevent any water blockage from flooding into your commercial building and causing water damage or mold growth. Cleaning the gutters is a job that should be completed twice a year. Remove any leaves or trash that has made its way into your gutters.
  3. Check the roof for any shingles that are broken or damaged. This is a prime way for water to make its way into the building, and if not caught in time, it can cause major problems over time.
  4. Make sure all light bulbs are changed and working properly. If your property has lit walking paths or parking lots, test all lamps to verify they are doing their job.
  5. Walk through any common areas and check for obvious problems like large cracks in foundations or broken siding and repair immediately.

What to Check for Inside

  1. Look closely at all windows and ledges. Seals around windows can wear away, causing an opportunity for water and mold to find their way inside. Once mold has taken up residence inside your building, it can become difficult, or nearly impossible, to stop mold spores from spreading. Repairing seals around windows will keep moisture at bay, and mold away.
  2. While you are checking the windows for mold, look in other common areas like basements and crawl spaces. Mold thrives in damp and dark areas, and only needs a minimal amount of time before taking hold and becoming quite comfortable in your building.
  3. Verify that all fire extinguishers and suppression methods are working properly. Check the batteries in smoke detectors and test the extinguishers. Fire inspectors will also verify that everything is in order, but double checking is never a bad thing.
  4. Check that all residents are aware of evacuation and fire safety plans. Each should be posted in obvious spots and readily available.
  5. Verify that all HVAC systems are running properly. Going into the summer months with broken air conditioning is not something that any property owner wants to deal with!

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