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Take Advantage of Winter for Your Home Remodeling Needs

You might be enjoying the downtime that comes from it being too cold to tackle outdoor chores. While you sit back and relax though, the springtime remodeling list is looming. Try starting a list of winter home remodeling improvement!

Piles of snow and blustery temps may tempt you to hold off on home improvement projects, but there are lots of great reasons to move ahead no matter what the weather is outside.

Make the Most Out of Winter and Start Remodeling

  1. Book with ease. Contractors’ schedules can fill up fast once those first few warm days melt away the cabin fever. However, during the winter season, availability is often better, allowing you to get quotes and start the work faster than you would if it were warmer out.
  2. Save money. Remodeling project costs can add up, but you can keep your budget in check by finding deals on materials and vendors during the months when work tends to slow down. Shop around for deals and negotiate with service providers to offer a better deal in the off season.
  3. Keep the project moving. When you need building permits, variance approvals or other buy-ins from government groups, winter could mean hearing a “yes” more quickly as there aren’t as many requests piled up.
  4. Enjoy your summer. There is so much warm weather fun awaiting–baseball games, beach time, camping, and so on; it can be difficult to fit it all into one season. And that becomes even more trying when you’re also doing a remodeling project. By starting the work in the winter, you can free up your summer to have more fun.

Perfect Winter Remodeling Projects

Take a look at the list of project ideas and get started now before the warm weather makes way.

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  • Foundation: Settling and landscape problems can lead to cracks in your foundation which can cause flooding. Repairing your foundation might not have the impressive before and after pictures of other remodeling projects, a dry foundation can bring peace of mind. As long as there isn’t snow on the ground and weather conditions aren’t too harsh, winter could be a great time to dig in.
  • Kitchens and bathrooms: Kitchens and bathrooms often give the most return on your investment, which make them high on most people’s remodeling to-do lists. The payoff is big not only in resale value but also day-to-day use. Try avoiding the spring price increases of  materials and labor, you can stretch your budget in the winter to get the kitchen or bathroom of your dreams.
  • Additions: Need more space? Consider converting that unfinished basement or attic into usable space. If you want to build on, we’ve already covered that pouring a foundation to accommodate a bigger footprint might be in the cards if the area is clear of snow and temperatures aren’t too cold.
  • Insulation: If your home feels freezing in the winter and sweltering in the summer, you may benefit from upgrading your insulation. By adding more insulation, you can avoid air from inefficiently escaping, which can help to lower your energy bills all year round.
  • Flooring: When it comes time to replace worn-out flooring, winter may be a better time to do so than spring or summer. With wood floors especially, the warmer months bring with them humidity. Humidity can cause gaps to form between wood boards and slow down the drying time of adhesives.
  • Small projects:You don’t have to tear down and replace an entire room. Look for smaller areas that could be updated. Some examples include: replacing appliances, sinks, or hardware, upgrading a vanity, repainting interior walls, and adding better lighting to closets and below kitchen cabinetry.

Instead of counting down the days until spring allows for home improvement projects to begin, get started now while it’s too cold do much of anything else. It’s a better use of your time, money, and effort.

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