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Use the Downtime of Winter for Home Remodeling Projects

Most people don’t consider the winter months as the prime time to take on home remodeling projects. Winter tends to be for relaxing and putting together a list of home repairs for the springtime. While piles of snow and cold temperatures may seem like a great reason to hold off from home improvement projects, there are some great reasons to complete your “to-do” list during winter and stay ahead of the spring rush.

Start Your Remodel During Slow Winter Months

Winter months aren’t the busiest months for remodeling projects. This gives you many great reasons to start your projects in January or February.

  1. Book contractors without worrying about timelines. Contractors tend to not book out too far during cold months. Availability is open, which allows you to get quotes from several contractors and choose the one that best suits your needs and timeline.
  2. Save money. With your options open, you can keep your remodeling budget on track by finding vendors that will work with you for less during the slower winter months. Shopping around for deals allows you to negotiate with providers that can offer you an offseason deal.
  3. Projects will move faster.  Building permits, approvals, and government buy-ins tend to move faster during the winter as requests aren’t piled up as high.
  4. Enjoy your remodel during the summer.  With your project done during the winter months, you now have time to enjoy the handiwork during the summer.

Best Projects to Take on During the Winter

Not all projects are suitable to take on during the winter. Here are a few projects that are recommended for the cold months out of the year.

  • Foundation repairs.

    House settling and landscaping problems can lead to cracks in your foundation which become major problems down the line. Foundation repairs must be handled quickly when they are discovered. Winter months are a great time to take on foundation problems. As long as there is no snow on the ground, a foundation is dry – which is imperative for foundation repairs.

  • Insulation.

    If your home is cold in the winter and hot in the summer, you may need to improve your insulation. By adding more insulation to your attic, you can avoid air escaping and lower your energy costs year-round.

  • Kitchens and bathrooms.

    These two rooms in your home give the most return on investment. This makes these high on people’s remodeling to-do lists. The value is added in resale and in day-to-day use.

  • Flooring.

    When replacing flooring, winter may be a better time than spring or summer. Wood flooring is better replaced during months of less humidity, as humidity tends to cause gaps between the wood floorboards and slows down adhesive drying times.

  • Additions.

    Adding space to your home during winter may be better than during the summer months. Just like foundation repairs and adding insulation, doing additions in winter can give you the chance to make sure your new space will have proper construction and insulation to keep the cold out and the warmth in.  Plus, you will also get to enjoy the additional space during the summer once the project is completed.

  • Small projects.

    Remember, construction doesn’t have to be large things like total overhauls or building new rooms. Look for smaller things in the house like replacing appliances, hardware, upgrading sinks or vanities, painting, etc.

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