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What is a Storm Chaser and How to Protect Yourself from a Potential Scam

Dealing with the aftermath of a storm can be a challenging process, especially when you’re left with major repairs to your home or business. Storm chasers know that you are at a vulnerable point during this time period and just want to bring your property back to pre-loss condition. You may not even know how to go about handing the repairs!

A storm chaser will try to make a dollar off of your misfortune and offer solutions that sound too good to be true – at too good of a price. Avoid these scams at all costs. Here are a few red flags that can signal a storm chaser may be trying to earn your business:

1. They ask for a large payment before beginning the repairs.

Most contractors, like McMahon Services, typically offer a free inspection and estimate and will work with your insurance company on filing a claim. They won’t ask for payment until the job is done. If you are being asked to foot the bill up front – it’s probably a scam.

2. The company representative randomly knocks on your door.

A contractor that is known in your area will never knock on your door asking for your business. Reputable companies are busy with repairs. The ones that show up asking for the repair work are storm chasers. They know your home has been damaged by the weather, and want to cash in on the damage. If this happens, politely decline and close the door.

3. The company is not local.

Storm chasers tend not to stick around once the work is complete. They take the money and head to the next town where a storm has hit. If you are approached by a contractor, ask them where they are located. If they cannot give you an answer that sits well with you, take this as a red flag. Some storm chasers won’t even provide a local address.

Ensure Quality Storm Damage Repairs: Hire a Local Contractor

Instead of working with a company that you cannot verify as being legitimate, work with a local contractor. Local contractors are often very good choices because they are from the same location as you. Friends and neighbors may have used the company before, allowing you to check references from your personal network.

At McMahon Services, we gladly service areas of Illinois including Libertyville, Mount Prospect, Chicago, Des Plaines, Berwyn, Wheaton, Naperville, Waukegan, Evanston, Arlington Heights, Oak Park, and surrounding areas.

When you use McMahon Services, we offer commercial and residential roofing and siding repair services for all types of roofs. This includes:

  • Asphalt
  • Metal
  • Tile
  • Rubber
  • Wood

We offer and install top-performing roofing brands like GAF Master Elite and Owens Corning Roofing Systems. If your home is damaged in the wake of a storm, don’t wait to be approached by a less than reputable roofing repair company.

Call McMahon Services today for a free estimate and we will work with you to bring your property back to pre-disaster condition as quickly as possible!