Are your documents safe from disaster if a fire hits your home? Learn why a fireproof safe is a necessary investment.

Home disasters can strike at anytime. While we don’t like to think that a fire or flood will ever touch our homes, it is best to be prepared in case the worst happens.

We keep our homes safe by installing smoke detectors, planning emergency escape routes, and security systems. But what about keeping important documents, papers, and policies safe? This is when having a fire and waterproof safe installed in your home becomes a necessity.

What important items require extra security and safety?

  1. Insurance policies. If your home is affected by fire or flood, you need to be prepared with your insurance policies. Starting over and rebuilding requires insurance. Your insurance policy and agent’s contact information is the first item that you should place in your safe. With this locked safely away from fire and water,  you will have all the critical information needed to start putting your home back together.

  2. Passports and birth certificates. Keeping passports and birth certificates locked in your safe will save you many headaches down the road. These two items are incredibly inconvenient to replace, taking several weeks for replacements. Obtaining a last minute passport or birth certificate can also cost more than usual.

  3. Keep social security cards locked up tightly. It is extremely important to not carry your social security card in your wallet. This card is required to apply for jobs, loans, and federal benefits. Keep this card safe from disaster and thieves.

  4. Banking information and passwords. Store passwords and account information tightly in your safe. Hacking and cyber crimes affect personal accounts just as they affect business and large corporations. If you have a master password for your major banking accounts, keep this information locked up tightly and away from prying eyes.

  5. Hard drives with personal information. If you keep digital copies of photos, a music library, or digital documents on a hard drive, locking up the external drive is the best way to keep it safe from moisture, heat, or even just misplacement!

A fireproof safe is the best line of defense to protect your items against disaster. While we all hope fire or flood will never happen to us, we must prepare for the worst. If you do experience a house fire, you may not know where to turn.

The effects of a fire disaster can be devastating. Having a professional team that specializes in fire restoration can take one thing off of your plate. McMahon Services will put your home back together again just as it was before the fire loss. Call, text, or chat us today – we have emergency services open 24 hours/7 days a week.