How to Choose the Right Residential Contractor to Build Your Dream Home

Congratulations on purchasing a new home! Regardless if you are starting your build from the ground up, or just making changes to an existing house, choosing the right contractor is a big decision! Chances are, there are many residential contractors in your area and all of them boast the title of “the best” in the city.
What really makes a home construction company the best? Let’s jump in and discuss the aspects of a trustworthy and successful contractor.

What Factors Should You Consider While Looking for a Contractor?

  • Decide on what services you need. Before you decide on what home construction companies to call for estimates, it is important to consider what you want done to your home. Are you looking to build completely custom from the studs to the roof? Is there a specific style you want to model? How about certain unique features? Decide exactly what you want to create and ask each construction company if they can accommodate your needs.

  • Communication is key! Every project is going to run into some snags along the way. It is crucial that the contractor working on your home has complete transparency and open communication with you every step of the way. Homeowners become frustrated when companies don’t update them on deadlines that fall behind, or if something is going well over budget. Make it mandatory that your general contractor has open communication with you as the project progresses. Some companies will even offer online services that help you stay up to date on projects!

  • Compare quality of products. We all want our homes to be the highest possible quality. When choosing the best contractor for your home, question what brands they use for building materials. Research the brands and decide if the quality is what you require for your home. You will also want to consider the overall quality of previous builds, attention to detail on any plans they’ve created, and even their employees. All aspects should live up to your needs of perfect quality. If they don’t, this is not the right contractor for your home!

  • References and Insurance. Insurance is a CRUTIAL part of choosing the right home builder. You want to ensure that they are covered for any issue that may arise during the build, and guarantee that you are not responsible for any problems that arise.  As the client, it is also acceptable (and expected) for you to ask for references. Top construction companies will have them at the ready and may even have a home they built open for tours.

  • Your design input matters! Your home is a reflection of you and your personality. When making the decision to build brand new or update certain areas of your home, the design should be exactly what you are looking for. Consider your personality and family needs when working with your contractor on the design, and don’t be afraid to speak up if something isn’t to your liking.

What Questions Should You Ask Your Prospective Builder?

Do not be afraid to ask questions! Residential construction companies expect questions before you decide to sign with them. A few standard questions to ask your contractor are:

  • How long have they been in business?
  • How many homes do they build in a year, on average?
  • Are they known for any specific type of construction?
    • Are they a specialized electrical contractor or a general contractor with a focus on roofing than anything else.
  • What is their overall experience in building residential homes?
  • How long are their timelines if they can’t begin construction immediately?
  • Do they have references you can contact?

A good contractor will answer all of your questions and make sure you are completely at ease with their process. If they have a problem with you asking questions, take that as a red flag and move on to the next contractor near you.

Choosing the Right Contractor Should be a Fun Process, not Stressful!

It’s good to remember that choosing a contractor shouldn’t be stressful when building or making remodeling changes. You have amazing ideas in mind for your house, and half the fun is working with a contractor that understands your needs and can deliver a finished product that you are proud to call home.

We hope these tips help you on your new home journey. Building doesn’t have to be stressful. Do the research, ask the questions, and look forward to moving in!

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