How to Respond to Severe Weather – What’s your Business’ Response Plan?

With winter coming to an end, we’re moving into spring and that can mean severe weather like thunderstorms, tornados, heavy rain, and flooding. The chances of weather hitting your business increase as we move into spring and summer and being prepared for any natural disaster is the responsibility of the business owner. If you haven’t already, it’s time to prepare and emergency response plan.

Did you know that 75% of small business owners do not have an emergency response plan, and half of them don’t think it’s important (2015 Claims Journal). The good news is creating an emergency response plan does not have to take up too much time! In fact, there are many emergency response templates available for download to make the process easier. The biggest factor to an emergency plan is a risk assessment. From this, you can begin to make your action plan for each possible circumstance.

Consider adding the following to your plan:

  • Regulations: Research your local laws and how they apply to your business. For example, OSHA requires that companies with more than 10 employees must have a written emergency plan. Smaller companies can pass the word along verbally, but best practice is to have everything in writing for easy reference.
  • Local risks: This is where the risk assessment comes into play! It’s time to research what disasters your area could potentially experience. Is it ice storms? Tornados? Thunderstorms? All of the above? If so, create a plan of response for each scenario.
  • Write your plan: When creating your emergency plan it is important to include as much information as possible. You’re creating the plan to keep people safe – it should be easy to follow and understand. Things to consider – what is the evacuation route? How will people know an emergency is happening and that it’s time to move to the emergency shelter? Who is responsible for sounding the alarm?

This is just the beginning of what to think about when planning a work place emergency response plan. While it may be uncomfortable to think about disaster striking, it is important to prepare for the worst, but hope for the best!

At McMahon Services we have 24/7 Emergency Response Services for commercial and residential needs. Since 1954 we have maintained our reputation as Northern Illinois “go to” restoration company, and are standing by for any emergency in our services area.