What’s the Difference Between a Disaster Restoration Contractor and a General Contractor?

As a property owner, how do you react when disaster strikes your home or business? A fire or flood can happen at any time, mold growth can occur without you knowing about it until it is too late, or other natural disasters can happen without warning! When do you call a general contractor versus a disaster restoration contractor? It’s important to know who to call and when to make sure the job is done properly.

Advantages of a Restoration Company vs. a General Contractor

A general contractor and a restoration contractor both have their pros and cons in the construction world. Here is how to decide which one will assist you best when you need them.

General Contractors

A general contractor is a professional that specializes in building from the ground up with a blank slate. They manage a project from start to finish, provide all labor, tools, equipment, and materials need to complete the project.

Projects can vary like putting a roof on a house, or even putting on an addition to your commercial building.

They will help you visualize what you want to be done and get the plans and permits needed. General contractors will even bring in subcontractors if necessary like plumbers, carpenters, electricians, roofers, etc. The contractor will be your main point of contact during the duration of the project.

How Does a General Contractor Get Paid?

A general contractor may work off of a flat fee, but typically general contractors will work for a percentage of the job. This includes the cost of materials, permits, and any subcontractors that they bring into the project.

When to Call a General Contractor

Like we discussed above, a general contractor works with new project developments. Call them when you need a new build on your home or business. A new floor, an addition to your house, a new deck – all of these can be completed by a general contractor.

What Does a Restoration Contractor Do?

Unlike general contractors, the restoration contractors, like those at McMahon Services, are first on the scene after a disaster strikes. This includes flood, fire, mold, or any other natural disaster. A restoration company will enter the scene and clean up the property, ensuring it’s safe so they can begin the hard work of the restoration process.

Not all restoration companies do repairs. Some may only clean up and remove broken debris from the premises, making room for the contractor to come in and repair the issues.

Here at McMahon Services, not only do we do the cleanup, but we do the repairs as well. Our job is to bring your home back to the state it was in before the disaster struck. This includes fire, flood, mold, roof repairs, and more.

How Does a Restoration Company Get Paid?

A restoration company works with your insurance company and sees what is covered by your policy before making any decisions. They work for YOU to make sure you pay the least amount out of pocket. They will stay in touch with your insurance company from beginning to end, keeping you updated throughout the processes.

When to Call a Restoration Company?

Call McMahon Services as soon as disaster strikes. Once we’re on the scene, the better. We can begin to clean up and get your insurance company involved as quickly as possible, in order to get your life back to normal again.

McMahon Services is ready to go 24/7 – whenever disaster strikes. Contact us immediately for more information.