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How to Prepare Your Home for the Next Winter Storm

Here in Lake Country, we understand what it’s like to have our share of winter weather. At McMahon Services we do all that we can to keep our homes prepared for the next winter storm, and want to share our secrets with you!

While you can’t prepare for every disaster, staying in front of the weather and having the essentials on hand can make the next snow or ice storm easier to get through.

Create a home emergency kit. There are many things to include in this kit and it’s important to consider this your life line during the storm. Begin with the necessities like a three day supply of drinking water and non-perishable canned food. While the chances of being stuck inside without escape for that long are slim, it’s always best to prepare for the worst instead of being stuck without water or food!

Have batteries on hand for flashlights, a radio, and lanterns. A First Aid kit is always a great idea, and blankets just in case the power goes out. Keep your cell phone charged and have a backup power pack ready to go!

Stock up on necessary tools. Snow and ice will cover your car, sidewalk, and driveway. Get ready to shovel, and have a few shovels ready to go. It is also wise to have a snowblower with extra fuel and salt or sand ready to go. If you have enough warning, pretreat the sidewalk with salt or sand – this will help keep the ice away!

Make sure your home is insulated. Water damage can occur during a winter storm due to freezing temperatures, burst pipes, and heavy ice and snow. To help avoid some of this, take steps to insulate your home. Before winter hits, make sure your walls and attic are insulated to conserve heat and energy.

Pipes should be insulated, especially those on the exterior of your home! Windows should be sealed and protected against drafts, which will ultimately help with your heating bill!

During a storm, close the curtains and blinds, this will help keep heat inside the home and prevent it from evaporating in the cold! Finally, close the doors to rooms you aren’t using – keep the heat centralized to where you are!

Gather firewood and light a fire! If you have a fireplace or wood burning stove, a winter storm is the best time to light it up! Before the storm hits, bring in enough wood to keep a fire going for three days. This will keep your home warm, and provide a light source if the power goes out.

While severe winter storms are rare, planning is never a bad thing! At McMahon Services, we are always ready for the aftermath of a storm, whether it is water damage from a burst pipe, or mold growth from melting snow.

Call our expert teams for water damage restoration services today – we’re here to help get your home back to normal as quickly as possible!

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