The 5 Best Battery Powered Water Pumps

If you are dealing with water damage in your home due to flooding or a burst pipe, but don’t have a power source to run a water pump, knowing which battery powered water pump is best will help you keep your basement and home intact.

Here is a list of the top five battery operated water pumps and the features of each.

1. VIVOSUN 1600 GPH 20.3ft

The VIVOSUM 1600 is a heavy-duty pump that is ultra-durable, with low noise, and uses very little power. The pump is fully detachable with a cleanable cover, allowing the user to clear away any blockages that may occur.

With a 20.3 long power cord, this water pump is set to work for 24 hours with a heat overload sensor built in to prevent burnouts. It’s easy to install into any water application like a pond, waterfall, irrigation system, etc.

2. 12-volt DC 1/10th HP 330 GPH

The 12-Volt DC is a mini water transfer utility pump with a flow rate of 330 gallons of water per hour, with a discharge of 300GPH at 10ft. This includes a 6’ hose with a water suction attachment. This pump is made of durable chrome-plated steel that can easily be connected to a standard garden hose.

Lightweight and portable, this pump can be transported anywhere it is needed and is easily powered by a car or marine battery. It is perfect for removing water from outdoor ponds, swimming pools, basements, clogged sinks, water pumps, etc.

3. WAYNE PC1 Portable 12V

The Wayne PC1 is battery powered for water transfer. Using marine or car batteries, this pump has easy portability. It boasts a 6ft. hose attachment with a 350 gallon per hour.

This pump is bronze plated and thread damage resistant that fits easily into a standard size garden hose. This portable pump can be carried and transported anywhere, is non-submersible.

4. TRUPOW DC 12-Volt 1/10HP 330GPH

The TRUPOW is a mini portable electric utility water pump. It is lightweight and portable, with metal hose connectors that will fit a standard garden hose. It is perfect for an everyday household. This pump will easily distribute water to gardens and lawns and is great for clogged sinks and aquariums.

Using a voltage of 12V DC, with a flow rate of 330GPH and maximum delivery height of 39ft. The pump must be filled to the pump head before being plugged in for the best results.

5. GOPLUS 120V 330PGH

The GOPLUS is pump is made of heavy-duty metal with a motor of copper wire with water housing. While it has a mini transfer pump, it can withstand any type of use and has stainless steel connectors, a copper hose connector, and a black powder-coated motor shell.

While this pump is compact, it has a high lifting capacity that can transfer water up to 330 gallons per hour. Complete with a garden hose of ¾” thread connection at discharge, this professional pump has a maximum lift of up to 39 ft.

This pump is multi-use for removing water from sinks, water tanks, flooded basements, etc.

Professional Water Damage Restoration with McMahon Services

These are just a few of the battery-powered water pumps to help with water removal from your basement if you experience water or flood damage in your home. While this is a good starting point, the professional water damage restoration team at McMahon Services is here to help you restore your property back to normal after water damage hits your home.

We are available 24/7 for water damage emergencies and will help get the flooding and damage under control as quickly as possible. Call us today for more information.