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How to Handle Fire Insurance Claims as a Business Owner

If your business has suffered damage from a fire, you need to file a claim with your insurance company and prepare for a visit from your insurance agent to go through the damages and process the claim.

After you report a claim, your company will follow two different paths – they will either send you a proof of loss form which you will fill out yourself regarding the damage of your property or they will schedule an appointment to have an insurance inspector come out and adjust the site. They will guide you through the entire claims process.

An insurance adjuster is trained to assess damage or different types of claims, which means more than one person may be assigned to your case. One adjuster may assess structural damage, a contents specialist will help with property contents, and another adjuster will help with other losses.

During this claims process, all information regarding your policy will be reviewed to determine coverage. You will be asked to work with professional restoration companies to obtain estimates for the repairs. At McMahon Services, we will work directly with your insurance company, taking this stress out of the situation for you – and making sure that you receive the biggest possible claim for your property.

How to Prepare for the Claims Process

  1. Start by contacting your insurance company. As soon as the fire is under control and it is safe to do so, reach out to your insurance company. There are no “closed” hours for claims in a typical insurance company, so any time of the day or night they are open for your call. Have your policy number, location, and summary of the loss ready to report to the operator.
  2. Call in a professional restoration company like McMahon Services. Call in our fire restoration services ASAP once it is safe. We offer 24 hour a day, 7 days a week emergency services and are on standby waiting for your call. Upon arrival, we’ll make any necessary temporary repairs to secure your property before your insurance company arrives to get your property ready for the insurance walk-through.
  3. Collect any business records necessary to prove the value of the contents of the business. This includes damaged equipment, structures, proof of income that the business was generating before and after the fire interrupted business operation, tax returns, budgets, etc. You will then work with your insurance company to determine the amount of business income that was lost.
  4. Keep a detailed record of any expenses incurred to repair your businesses. This will be handed to your insurance company during the process for reimbursement.
  5. Photograph all damaged and destroyed items. You will work with McMahon Services to document the damage.
  6. Remember to stay organized throughout the entire process. Your insurance company will provide you an insurance claim number, adjuster and contact information. Keep this, along with other important documents and contact information in one area so you can easily refer to it when needed.

Protect Your Investment with Help from a Professional, Experienced Fire Damage Restoration Partner

Business interruption insurance claims can be complicated and difficult to navigate and prepare. It is also not uncommon for your insurance company to deny these claims or reduce the payout. Working with McMahon Services during this process will ease the stress and difficulties of the entire claim process. Call us today to get started.