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One Simple Way To Protect Your Business After A Fire

In any circumstance, dealing with a fire is terrifying. But if you run a hotel or motel, your concern will be even greater. Even if the fire is small and poses no threat to anyone, the mess it leaves behind for you to clean up may be significant.

Additionally, your property may sustain fire and water damage as a result of the mandatory safety standards for these kinds of enterprises, such as sprinklers. Hotel and motel owners are among those most impacted by these catastrophes since, in addition to the high expense of property restoration, doing so will make it harder for you to keep clients, which will eventually cost your company more money.

Common Causes

An estimated 3,900 hotel and motel fires occur annually, resulting in $76 million in property damage. The most common cause of fires in hotels and motels is cooking, but about 18 percent of non-confined fires in these establishments spread outside the original room.

Electrical problems or poor wiring, deliberate fires, and fires started by open flames are the main causes of this larger class of fires. Guests are more prone to seek warmth throughout the colder months of the year, which increases the likelihood of fires.

Why You Should Work with Professionals

It’s never a smart idea to attempt to repair fire or other disaster-damaged property on your own. It can be risky, and if done incorrectly, more restoration work will be needed. By knowing the cleanup was done correctly, you can safeguard your clients, employees, and company. 

We ensure that all rules and laws are upheld, and we can help you save money by restoring equipment you previously believed needed to be replaced. You keep your internal team on track with their primary responsibilities by putting your trust in us to restore your damaged property.

Using a reputable restoration agency might also assist you in obtaining the appropriate level of insurance coverage.

One simple way that professional disaster restoration contractors can protect your business or building right away after a fire is through the simple but essential process of emergency board-up services.

What Are Emergency Board-Up Services?

After visiting your property and making precise recommendations based on the type of damage, an inspector from an emergency board-up service will respond to your call. The board-up service will place a tarp over the opening if the building’s roof is compromised to stop rain and other debris from harming the interior. To guard against theft and vandalism as well as weather damage, they will cut and secure plywood over any broken windows or unsecured doorways.

You should prepare to spend more if you need to call a board-up service in an emergency, especially if it’s outside of regular business hours. However, some dishonest board-up services will profit from such anticipation.

Call your insurance company before hiring a board-up service. You may not be responsible for paying for the service because they might have a preferred contractor who is set up to charge the insurance provider directly.

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