Sump Pumps and Homeowners Insurance FAQ

It happens all the time. You head down to your basement for one reason or another and suddenly you’re standing in a puddle of water that definitely does not belong inside your home. The sump pump you installed to handle this type of damage is silent. Now you suddenly have a water damaged basement to deal with.

Here in Chicago and the surrounding areas, we deal with a variety of different factors that can cause flooding. Unpredictable weather like heavy rain, snow, freezing temperatures, freezing pipes, etc can cause flooding. Having a sump pump is the first step to protecting yourself against flooding. Many Chicago homeowners also add additional flood insurance to their homeowners policy to protect them against sump pump failures. Here’s what you need to know about sump pumps, homeowners insurance and making sure you’re protected if your sump pump decides not to carry water away from your home!

What Does a Sump Pump Do?

A sump pump is designed to pull excess water from heavy rain, snow, or any other source away from your home. The pump is professionally installed in your basement. It senses when the water level is getting too high around the foundation of your home. Once this sensor kicks in, the pump begins to pull the water away from your home and drains it away from your basement, preventing the water from seeping inside.

Why Would A Sump Pump Stop Working?

A sump pump is connected to the power in your home. If a power outage hits during a storm, your sump pump will no longer activate if the water level becomes too high. At times, the sump pump itself may malfunction, causing water to overflow into your home.

In these cases, it’s recommended to have a backup generator ready to kick in if power is lost. Another option is to invest in an inexpensive water alarm system. This will function as a back up alarm to your sump pump, should the system fail.

What Does Homeowners Insurance Cover?

When you purchase a home, it’s important to verify that your homeowners insurance has flood coverage included in your policy. Your sump pump can only do so much, even when it is working properly. Flood insurance will pick up where your sump pump leaves off.

You must speak with your insurance provider about purchasing this as an additional policy. This policy will cover items that you fear are in danger of being damaged by flooding. Typically items in your basement are protected – items stored in your basement, if your basement is finished – any personal items, furnaces, air conditioning units, etc.

Call McMahon Services If You Experience Water Damage

If you find yourself in a situation where water damage hits your home, McMahon services is here to help. We have teams ready to respond to any emergency 24/7, and services all of Chicago and surrounding areas. Our water and sewage damage restoration team responds quickly. We’ll work to bring your home back to normal quickly and take the stress away from you and your family.

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