What Property Owners Need to Know About Water Damage From Hot Water Heaters

Hot water heaters are an essential component of many homes and businesses today. Most of the time, these machines run smoothly and provide your home with hot water by bringing in cold water through the dip tube, heating it using gas or electric heating elements inside the tank, and dispersing it throughout your home via the heat-out pipe. 

However, if neglected or used improperly, hot water heaters can leak and cause severe water damage to your property. They can even explode and release harmful chemicals such as carbon monoxide in the house. If a hot water heater has caused damage to your property, you may be left wondering if your homeowner’s insurance will cover it or if you will be left to pay for the water damages out-of-pocket. 

The answer to this question depends on the circumstances. For example, water damage from a burst pipe or tank on a hot water heater is usually covered by insurance, provided that the hot water heater is well maintained and within its useable lifespan. The lifespan is important as traditional, tank-style hot water heaters need replacement every 8-12 years. Failure to maintain and perform routine inspections will result in a broken water heater well before the lifespan is up.

If your hot water heater is older or you failed to maintain it correctly, your insurance may consider you negligent in not having replaced it which could, in turn, cause the water damage from the leak (or flood) to not be covered by your insurance.

What Steps Should Homeowners Take?

There are four essential things to remember about one of the most important appliances in your home: your hot water heater. As a homeowner, property owner, or business owner, take note of the following four things:

1. Double-Check Your Insurance Coverage

The first thing you should do is make sure you have the right insurance coverage for water damage at your property or company. You should talk to your agent and ask them to help you understand your policies if needed. Always remember that damages will not be covered by insurance if you failed to maintain regular inspections and take proper care of your hot water heater. 

2. Know the Age of Your Water Heater

Know the ages of all hot water heaters, and have a plan for preventative replacements. Educate yourself on your own water heater’s particular life expectancy, and familiarize yourself with other heaters on the market should you need a replacement for your home.

3. Complete all Required Maintenance

Never neglect your appliances to avoid breakage and expensive damage to your property. Complete all required maintenance for the hot water heaters on your property to ensure they work safely and efficiently and will not end up costing you loads of money down the line.

4. Call a Water Damage Professional

As a homeowner, you should have an established relationship with an experienced water damage restoration contractor. Knowing who to call will save you stress and time when you are faced with a problem.

Trust a Local, Experienced Professional

With the help of a water damage restoration company, you can get your property restored as quickly as possible, prevent loss of income, and get your business re-opened quickly and efficiently. Not only will it save you precious time, but water damage restoration companies help can save you money by restoring items you thought you had to replace. 

At McMahon, we are experienced in working with insurance adjusters and cleaning up water damage caused by leaking or broken water heaters. Professional water damage clean-up protects your customers and staff by knowing the water damage and building restoration was done right the first time. When you trust water damage restoration professionals with your clean-up, you protect your business from future safety or liability issues. We work tirelessly to make sure all laws and regulations are followed and the restoration is complete.

We offer FREE damage inspections and FREE estimates to residential and commercial customers in our Chicago, Arlington Heights, Berwyn, Des Plaines, Evanston, Mount Prospect, Grayslake, Mundelein, Libertyville, Oak Park, Palatine, Wheaton, Naperville, Waukegan, Schaumburg, Skokie, and surrounding IL service areas. If a failed hot water heater has left you with a wet, rusty mess at your home or business, call us and find out how we can help.

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