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Why You Should Schedule Your Roof Replacement Now For Fall

If you are planning on replacing the roof at your home or commercial property, you are facing a big project. In order to make it as easy as possible (and to get the most benefit from it), you should consider the time of year you plan to get it done. 

Overall, the best time to replace your roof is during mild temperatures. Weather that is too hot can cause the shingles to soften, and cold weather can make them brittle – both of which are likely to cause damage. 

The best temperature range for roofing projects is between 40 and 85 degrees. This temperature range allows asphalt shingles to adhere correctly to your roof, making an airtight barrier against any type of weather. Reducing damage (and wasted materials) also keeps the cost of your project down. Dry weather also makes roof replacements easier. With all of those factors in mind, it’s easy to see that fall is the best time to replace your northern Illinois roof. 

Beyond the weather, there are several other reasons to plan your Schaumburg roof replacement for the fall months. Here are four of the most important.

Be Ready For Winter

Winter in Illinois brings cold temperatures, freezing wind, ice, and snow – all of which may be more than your aging roof can take. Heavy ice buildup on crumbling shingles can lead to major water damage inside of your home. When icicles and ice dams form along the roof line, snow can build up behind them, and get under your old shingles. Rising heat from your attic then causes the snow to melt and enter your home, causing big problems. A new roof will help prevent this.

Save On Energy Costs

We all know that heat rises, but do you know how this principle impacts your energy bills? Most homes lose the greatest amount of heat through the roof – getting a new roof made of modern, energy-efficient materials completed in the fall means you’ll save energy (and money) during the coming winter. Re-roofing is also a great time to make other energy saving improvements like adding attic insulation.

Comfort and Safety For Your Contractors

While we are replacing your roof, our team will be out in the elements while completing complicated physical tasks. The dry, mild weather of fall provides comfortable, safer working conditions, allowing us to complete your project quickly and efficiently.

Repair Spring and Summer Storm Damage

The intense storms and sun of spring and summer can do a lot of damage to an older roof. After these difficult seasons, will your roof make it through another winter? It’s important to avoid getting to a point where you are dealing with leaks, mold, and more – all during a season where roofing is much more difficult to complete.

Don’t Wait: Protect Your Investment With A New Roof This Fall

Your roof protects your home or business from the elements, year round. If it is compromised, major damage can happen quickly. While fall is the best time to replace a roof in the Chicago area, it can still be done at any time of the year. 

If you need an emergency roof repair or replacement, don’t wait – contact McMahon Services today. We know the importance of quickly replacing roofs that were damaged by a severe storm, or are leaking and causing water damage to your home. We are also experts at water damage restoration and mold removal: We can handle your project from start to finish, and will work with your homeowner’s insurance to ensure that you get any coverage that is available to you.