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How Professional Fire Damage Restoration Can Offer Your Business Big Savings

A fire in your hotel or motel can be extremely scary. After the initial shock, once the fire has been put out and everyone is safe, you’re still left wondering how you will pick up the pieces– both literally and figuratively–of your business and your livelihood. You may not know where to start and feel extremely overwhelmed. 

Even if you have a small fire with no one in danger, the mess left behind can be devastating. And due to hotel requirements on sprinkler systems and factoring in any fire extinguishing that occurred, you may be left with both fire and water damage to deal with. 

Fortunately, professional help is available–that’s where McMahon Services comes in. Many hotel and motel owners are worried about the expense of fire restoration and cleanup. This may make them feel that they can take on the job themselves. However, there are dangers of cleaning up after a fire yourself. Unseen toxic chemicals linger in the air after a fire. If cleanup is not done properly, you could put yourself, your staff, and your guests at risk. Professional fire restoration services can actually have financial benefits by saving you money in the end–here’s how. 

Income Loss Prevention

With professional-grade fire restoration work only has to be done once. This allows you can get your property restored as quickly as possible and prevent a subsequent loss of income. You may have business interruption insurance included in your regular insurance policy. It can be tricky getting companies to ultimately cover such a claim. By getting back to business as quickly as possible, you minimize the losses of income as well as the headache of fighting with insurance companies over these kinds of claims. 

Item and Equipment Restoration

Professional help can save you money by restoring items and equipment you thought you had to replace. Paying more upfront for the professional attention you will get from McMahon Services will be well worth the cost if it means you are saved from having to purchase new, possibly very expensive equipment or items in order to resume business in your hotel or motel. 

Insurance Claim Assistance

We are experienced in working with insurance adjusters. McMahon Services can assess whether or not it makes sense to use insurance to help with the costs of restoration. Our team can help with getting the right amount of coverage from your insurance. Sometimes it makes more sense to pay for repairs out of pocket. This may be especially true if the cost is below your insurance deductible. After all, an insurance claim may raise your rates or could even cause you to be dropped from coverage. McMahon Services can help by explaining to you what the costs will be and giving you the information you need to make an informed decision about submitting an insurance claim. 

If you do decide to submit a claim, McMahon Services will then work with your claims adjuster to ensure the work is done as quickly as possible and that the resulting settlement is fair. This will allow you to get back to the important work of restarting your business operations in your hotel or motel. 

A Job Done Well Is a Job Done Once

Even when the fire damage isn’t necessarily visible to the untrained eye, there is unseen chemical damage that needs to be addressed properly. McMahon Services acts as the general contractor for the entire duration of the job, taking care of every element, whether it be complete reconstruction or minor cleanup and repair. We have in-house specialists with the proper tools for the job and local subcontractors we know and trust. 

Professional fire clean-up and restoration protects your guests and staff by knowing the clean-up was done right the first time. It also protects your hotel or motel from future safety or liability issues. We make sure all laws and regulations are followed to the letter, and the clean-up is always thorough and complete. 

Do You Need Fire Damage Restoration From a Commercial Fire?    

Contact McMahon Services. We are available for emergency cleanup 24/7 in Chicago, Grayslake, Mundelein, Oak Park, Naperville, Waukegan, Schaumburg, and surrounding Illinois service areas. 

You can trust McMahon Services to help your business recover from commercial fire damage. 

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