What is Your Water Bill Trying To Tell You?

Your plumbing system in your home has many components and functions. Because of this complexity, there are many opportunities for failures and leaks. Water leaks can cause big damage to your home, whether they are small drips or sudden floods. Everyone wants to avoid water damage, but this can be tough when many parts of your plumbing are not visible. 

Water leaks in your Illinois home can cause serious damage, and are major contributors to household or business water waste. The problem is that many of these issues aren’t immediately noticeable. Here are a few signs of hidden water leaks that we have seen over our many years of water damage restoration experience:

  • Mold growth in the bathroom or kitchen
  • Foundation damage, including intrusion and cracks
  • A musty or moldy smell inside your property
  • Water marks or bubbles on your ceiling, floors, or walls

One other way that you can detect water leaks in your home is by keeping a close eye on your water bill. Leaks are often the cause behind sudden high water bills. Leaks can occur anywhere at your property where water is used. Your bathroom, kitchen, appliances (dishwasher, hot water heater, washing machine, refrigerators with water lines) and outdoor watering equipment can all experience leaks. Here’s what they can cost you, and what you should do about them. 

How Much Can A Leak Add To Your Water Bill?

Even small leaks can be adding huge additional costs to your water bill: Here are a few estimates:

  • A faucet that leaks 120 drips per minute wastes up to 11 gallons per day, or 330 gallons per month. This can cost about $20 a month – over $200 per year.
  • A small crack in a pipe is a big problem that can cost up to $600 per month. 
  • A running toilet can waste eight gallons per hour – 200 gallons per day, over 6,000 gallons per month! This can cost about $150 per month. 

Remember, all of these estimates can all double or triple if you have multiple toilets or faucets in your home or business, or in a multi-unit rental property. Fixing simple water leaks like these can save property owners  at least 10 percent on their water bills, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

If you have experienced a sudden increase in your water bill and want to check your home for issues like this, start by shutting off all the water in your home. If you do that but your water meter is still running, you may have a hidden leak that needs to be repaired.

Get Help With Hidden Water Leaks and Safely Restore Your Home

If you do discover a water leak at your home, take action right away. Aside from the increase in your water bill, water damage gets much worse (and much more expensive to deal with) the longer your wait. The water itself can spread far from the site of the original leak, causing both superficial and structural damage to almost every part of your home. Additionally, mold can start to grow in as little as 24 hours. Mold can be incredibly destructive and can cause health problems for the occupants of your property. 

If you need immediate and knowledgeable action against water damage at your home, business, or rental property, McMahon Services can help. We have 24/7 response services for emergency plumbing, water damage, mold removal, and more. Don’t let a small leak cause big problems for your family – contact us today to put our experience to work for you.