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How to Save Water Damaged Documents

Water damage hits without warning. Your home can be perfectly dry one moment, and the next day you are dealing with a cracked pipe and a basement full of water. When we think of flood damage, we tend to think of structural damage or larger items like electronics or furniture[...] Read more
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Keep Your Home Safe from Sewage Damage

As homeowners, we hear a lot about the dangers of water damage in general. A leaky pipe, heavy rains, or a faulty hose in an appliance can cause flooding or standing water. However, given the choice between “normal” water damage and a sewage related problem… sewer damage is the bigger[...] Read more
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Spring Rain Causing Sewage Backups? Now What?

Heavy rains in spring are damaging enough when flooding occurs outside and, more devastatingly, indoors. When sewage backup happens the problem goes from bad to worse. Now instead of just water, you’re dealing with wastewater which is a dirty, smelly mess. In addition to the ick factor – you now[...] Read more
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Prevent Sewer Backup in Your Home

5 Tips to Prevent Sewer Backup in Your Home Damaging floors, walls, furniture, appliances, electrical systems, and other home possessions, sewage back ups can be a serious problem. Making it even worse are the costs associated with such destruction, which often aren’t covered by average homeowners insurance policies without the[...] Read more